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In the Classroom > Course Overview
2. Bull's Life
Origins Training Military Service Trade Family Later Years

Family: Building Financial Standing

Marriage | Church | Financial Standing | Family Labor | Moving On


For John Partridge Bull, establishing himself in the Deerfield community meant establishing a solid financial base on which to build his trade and to support his family. On June 12, 1760, Bull received -- after nearly twenty years -- his inheritance from his father's estate. He received in all 83 pounds and 8 pence which could then be invested in his business, in his household, or used to pay off debts.

Why did this money come to Bull so long after the Reverend Nehemiah Bull's death? Legally, Bull's youngest brother had to reach the age of twenty-one before the estate could be divided, and in 1760, this had occurred.

-- "Agreeable to His Genius," John Partridge Bull (1731 - 1813) MA Thesis, Trinity College, Susan McGowan.


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