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In the Classroom > Course Overview
2. Bull's Life
Origins Training Military Service Trade Family Later Years

Service: Bull's Involvement in the French and Indian Wars

Enlisting | Moving Up | French & Indian Wars | Reenlisting | Last Reenlistment


As part of a military campaign to secure the frontiers of Hampshire County, in which Bull lived, Bull marched with Seth Pomeroy, now a Lieutenant Colonel, to Albany on May 31, 1755. From Albany, the regiment joined other New England regiments and marched to Lake George in July.

During the disastrous "bloody morning scout" of September 8, 1755, between the French and the English soldiers, many of the men in Bull's regiment died, including Colonel Ephraim Williams. Of all of the officers from Hampshire County, only Seth Pomeroy survived. The regiment returned home, and Bull's tour of duty ended on December 10, 1755 after 36 weeks and 5 days.

-- referenced in Robert E. McKay, ed. Massachusetts Soldiers in the French and Indian Wars, 1744 - 1755. New England Genealogical Society, 1978. p. 64.

-- "Agreeable to His Genius," John Partridge Bull (1731 - 1813) MA Thesis, Trinity College, Susan McGowan.



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