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In the Classroom > Course Overview > Unit Overview > Lesson 6
Lesson 6
Excerpt from Deerfield Town Book

[page] 144


7. That if after said mill is built and set going and trial being made of it it does not answer the end and expectation of the owners and town and there shall be any other place found to build a mill upon yet shall be thought Better and more of in

Mill shall have the first offer of said place and have liberty to remove their mill thither or build another in said place before any other person shall have liberty to build a mill in any place so found.

8. That the town shall afford to said Joseph Parsons the help of 7 Cattle and Two men to draw the millstones to place. Said Joseph Parsons to call for them in a time that may be as little hindrance to their actions as he can.

October 30, 1694

That there shall be a Meetinghouse built in Deerfield upon the town charge voted affirmatively.

That there shall be a Committee chosen and empowered to agree with workmen to began said building forthwith and carry it on as fast as may be voted affirmatively.

That the Meetinghouse shall be built the bigness of Hatfield meeting house only the height to be left to the judgement and determination of the voted affirmatively.

That there shall be a rate made on one hundred and forty pounds payable this present year in pork and Indian corn in equal proportion for carrying on said building voted affirmatively.

For carrying on said work there was chosen a Committee of Lieutenant David Hoyt, Sergeant John Hawks, Henry White, Thomas French, and Ensign John Sheldon. That the Committee above said shall have full power to bargain with and let out unto particular persons the several parcels of work for the carrying on and completing said buildings as the falling, hewing, framing, shingling, clapboarding voted affirmatively.

November 28, 1695

That all ye Green River lands shall be rate free for the present year was noted on the affirmative.

There being a place or plot of land Agreed upon by the town whereon to set their meetinghouse now in building the town have left it with the Committee chosen for to carry on the building of said house.

That the model for the seats in said meetinghouse shall be after the present model of Hatfield meetinghouse. Seat only, two short seats on each side of the house more voted affirmatively.

That the panels or board of said seats shall be of pine boards and not wainscoat voted Affirmatively.

March 2, 1696

At the same meeting it was agreed and voted that a penalty of one shilling shall be laid upon every legal voter not attending town meeting provided they be legally warned thereto.

December 22, 1696

That all Trained Soldiers belonging to the Town of Deerfield shall labor about their fort next Monday and Tuesday . . . in a general way beginning at one certain place of the fort and so going on. Voted affirmatively.


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