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In the Classroom > Course Overview > Unit Overview > Lesson 6
Lesson 6
Excerpt from Deerfield Town Book

The Frontier [page]143

April 4, 1692

Whereas ye Selectmen have taken great care and pains that all defects in the common
fence be repaired for the preservation of the meadows. The Town does hereby order that all common fences that shall be found defective after the 11th day of this instant the owner of
said fence shall pay as a fine to the use of the Town one shilling per rod for one day and so
forward for every day till such defective fence shall be repaired.

• That all cattle baited upon other men's lands without leave shall be liable to be pounded.
• That any persons baiting cows or young cattle upon the meadows shall be liable to be pounded though there be a keeper with them.
• That all hogs shall be rung according to law; the hog ringers shall have sixpence per head for every hog rung.
• That all horses and cattle found in the meadow are liable to pay twelvepence per head and for hogs sixpence per head and for sheep fourpence per head.
• That the penalty for leaving creatures in the meadow willfully shall be threepence per head.

December 29, 1692

Here followeth a record of the Bargain made with Mr. Joseph Parsons about the Corn Mill:

1. That said Joseph Parsons doth those present engage and oblige himself to build a good sufficient and substantial corn mill within the precincts of the township of Deerfield and set said mill upon that stream whereon the present sawmill now standeth and said mill to be set up and fit to grind at or before the last day of May, 1693.

2. That said Joseph Parsons is to take for his toll for Grinding the Twelfth part of all grain except wheat and Barley malt and only the fourteenth part of wheat and the eighteenth part of Barley malt.

3. If said Joseph Parsons shall see cause (after the mill is built and set up) to desert and leave it into the town's hands he hath free liberty so to do. Or, if said mill shall by the providence of God at any time be burnt down and said Joseph Parsons nor his heirs shall see cause to rebuild it then he and they are to leave and resign into the town's hands the place and whatsoever is upon it of the Remainders of said mill as Iron stones and be free from any further obligation . . .

4. The meaning of that is further that if he shall leave or desert it yet then it doth and shall fall into the Town’s hands except in case of extraordinary providence as the as the town's being driven out by an Enemy and it is not in the interest of this agreement that any such advantage shall be taken.

5. The Town of Deerfield do hereby grant unto said Joseph Parsons and to his heirs the Stream aforesaid so long as they shall maintain a corn mill upon it to do the town's work as aforesaid that is to say when the owners of the present sawmill shall let fall their works and throw up their privileges there. In the meantime, said Joseph Parsons is to agree with the owners of the saw mill about the stream.

6. That said Joseph Parsons or his heirs shall not be rated for said mill for the defraying of any Town Charges.

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