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In the Classroom > Course Overview > Unit Overview > Lesson 6
Lesson 6
Excerpt from Deerfield Town Book

The Frontier [page] 145

That there shall be five men chosen as seaters to seat that is to say determine where every person to be seated shall sit in the new meeting house. Voted affirmatively.

That Deacon Hoyt, Deacon Sheldon, Mr. John Catlin, Edward Allen, and Thomas French shall be the seaters for the seating of the new meeting house. Voted affirmatively.

That the Rules for seating of persons shall be age, state and dignity. Voted affirmatively.

March 1, 1697

That Mr. Jonathan Williams should have his request granted concerning his house, barn and lands which the town gave him order to his settlement here to be . . .

The aforesaid request of the Reverend Mr. Jonathan Williams was this desire that the town or the town clerk record the grant of the house, barn and homelot and sixteen Cow Commons of land in the meadow with the pasture granted to me to record the same to me and to my Heirs.

Agreement of the town to pay that salary a year to me in wheat, peas, Indian corn, and pork in equal proportion at the prices stated: wheat at 3 shillings 3 pence per bushel; peas at 2 shillings 6 pence per bushel; Indian corn at two shillings per bushel; fatted pork at 2 pence half penny per pound. These being the terms of the Bargain made with me at the first. This request in both parts was granted to the full and therefore is to have Accordingly Recorded.

That there should be 3 mounts built to the fort about the town to be set where and built according to the Appointment of the Committee of militia for the town. The 3 fort gates to be built new strong and substantial with Conveniences for fastening both open and shut as also that the whole fort shall be repaired and maintained sufficient and substantial. These 3 particulars to be done upon a town charge only that the fort and gates are to be maintained on a town charge but for a twelvemonth after the date. Voted affirmatively.

September 15, 1697

At a legal Town Meeting: Sergeant Jonathan Hawks, Moderator.

That the time for opening the meadows or corn field shall be on Monday at night being the 4th day of October unless the Townsmen having hereby power see cause to lengthen the time. Voted affirmatively.

That the Selectmen now in being shall have power to make sale of the ox Red town Bull and dispose of the money to the town's use was voted on the affirmative.

December 7, 1697

At the same meeting the town bargains with Ensign Jonathan Sheldon to maintain a gate at the open or south end of their meadows on the highway at the gate meadow fence, provided the town set up said gate in the first place new, good and substantial. And also to take off from Sergeant Sheldon seven rods of his common fence forever. Said Sheldon and his heirs are also hereby bound to the town to maintain said gate good, substantial and Convenient forever. Said gate to be made and set up by the first of April next ensuing Bargained and voted affirmatively.

Captain Jonathan Wells having bought said piece of land of Jonathan Hinsdell's heirs requested of the town that they (having a piece of Common fence of the same length lying in Well's home lot) exchange with him said pieces of fence which was granted and voted on the Affirmative. Whereas there was formerly a bargain made with Captain Jonathan Wells to make and maintain Eagle Brook gate and the Common fence cross the highways there and whereas there is now a piece of fence of about 3 length of Sergeant Wells is adjoining to the


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