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Lesson 7

Letter to John Williams
by Cotton Mather, May 6, 1705
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Boston, N.England
6d 5th 1705.

My Dear Brother.

You are carried into the land of the Canadians for your good. God has called you to glorify Him in that land. Your patience, your constancy, your resignation under your vast afflictions, bring more glory to Him, than yr best activity in any other serviceableness. You visit Heaven with prayers, and are visited of Heaven with comforte.

Our prayers unite with yours. You are continually and affectionately remembered in ye prayers of NewEngland. The faithful throughout the country, remember you, publickly, privately, secretly. The supplications will not be lost. An answer is coming. Your deliverance will be part of ye answer. We shall see you again, we hope. Tis our hope that you may be preparing for a more than ordinary usefulness yet before you dy. Your calamities are useful in ye mean time, even unto us the ministers of N.E. They Awaken us. They Awaken our soul to carry on the Designs of Reformation. Since the fate of Dearfield, great things have been done in several parts of New England, those Holy Designs.

What shall we do to be more particularly expressive in our concern for you? One thing I took upon me, as my own peculiar charge; The expence of your sons Eleazers Education. He often comes to me. You will have a Blessing in Him. I have procured subscriptions of about 12, or 13 LB a year, to support him at ye college. I shall do what else I can for him. I was greatly beholden to two worthy men, Mr. Bromfield and Mr. Bolt, (who would be remembered to you and by you) for their assistence in that affayr of the subscriptions.

I add no more; but with earnest cries to Heaven, that you (and those with you, and Especially yours) may be restored unto us, I subscribe,

Your Kinsman and Brother,
Co. Mather


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