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Lesson 15: Developing a three-dimensional display of a place in Deerfield
A Virtual Visit to Deerfield: 100 Years After the Colonial Period

Lesson Central Question:

In This Lesson:

When reading a community, which areas reveal the most about that community?

Lesson Length
Key Ideas
Activity 1

Lesson Length

2 class periods (85 minutes each)

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Key Content Ideas Taught in this Lesson

Bringing together the houses and public spaces of a community, we learn what 18th century Deerfield may have looked like.

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Intended Learning Outcomes

Students will understand:

  • Deerfield became prosperous because of the river trade and improved agricultural practices. This prosperity led to increased refinement.

Students will be able to:

  • Make the connections between wealth and the refinement of daily life.
  • Use information gained from this and other periods to develop a continuum showing the growth of the Deerfield community
  • "Read" a building and know architectural terminology.

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In Preparation for Teaching

Background Reading:
McGowan, Susan and Amelia Miller. Family and Landscape. Deerfield, Massachusetts: Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, 1996.

Wood, Joseph. The New England Village. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, 1997.


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Primary and Secondary Sources:

  1. Collections of houses and buildings (developed in Lesson 14) that would have been located in Deerfield.
  2. Infocus projector
  3. Computer/PowerPoint application
  4. Rubric for self /teacher (not on website)
  5. Peer Review Sheet (not on website)
  6. Appropriate food of the period to celebrate the conclusion of the period.

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Activities Materials in Context

Class Period 1: Developing an exhibit

  • Students will work together to create Deerfield in the Federal Period. This display will be used in a forthcoming exhibit.
  • Students will develop a presentation describing their building and the members of their family who lived in the community.

Class Period 2 : Class Presentations

  • Invite students to present their buildings, combined with information about their Families, which would be true of this period.
  • Instruct students to use rubrics for oral presentations, guiding them in the development of their reports.
  • Ask classmates to complete peer evaluation of the reports as presented to be given to the presenter. The instructor will also complete a similar review.
  • Celebrate the conclusion of the unit with refreshments typical of the period.


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