Vocabulary List for
July 14th 1703 Prices of Goods
Lesson 1

Broadcloth- wide wool cloth.
Cotton- coarse, fuzzy wool or rough linen; probably not cotton as we know it today.
Duffels- heavy, blanket-like wool cloth.
Fathom- (as in tobacco) 6 feet.
Gingerline- ginger-colored cloth.
Kersey- cheap, coarse wool cloth, often used for blankets.
Middling- medium sized.
Pappcote- bobcat.
Peck- 8 quarts or _ bushel.
Peltry- animal skins.
Scaines- skeins, twisted lengths of yarn; sometimes 80 yards-worth.
Thicks- possibly from "thickset", meaning a coarse cotton cloth.
Truckmaster- man who runs a trading post.