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Lesson 2
The Basics of Puritanism

All humans are born full of sin.

Predestination- God knows all that goes on and saves or condemns those He wishes. A human has no control over this. Only God knows for sure if one is saved. Not many are saved.

Those who are saved can interpret God's will.

There is no separation between church and state (government).

People who go against Puritan ways should be driven out or killed. For example, Quakers were seen as threats and were driven out.

Only church members and their children (even if not baptized) can vote.

All are responsible for the action of others. One is encouraged to keep an eye on their neighbor.

One must work hard and not waste money.

Self-reliance and individualism (being different) are not encouraged.

Clothing and lifestyle should not be fancy.

Private, public and government behavior must be proved to be moral.

"Satan Deluder Law"- all children must receive some education to keep Satan from capturing their souls.


PAL: Perspectives in American Literature by Paul P. Reuben

American Puritanism by Greg D. Feldmeth

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