Vocabulary List
Abbreviations for The Deerfield Town Book
Lesson 2

1701/2- refers to a calendar change that had occurred many years before. By the new calendar, January 1 marked the first day of the new year, but by the old calendar, March 1 was the first day. By 1700, there were still people who did not accept the new calendar, so, often both years were reflected in the writing of the date.

aquittance- receipt of the full amount

Asesors- those who decide how much property taxes will be

clerk- someone responsible for keeping records and accounts

comisioner for Asesments- the person in charge of setting the level of property taxes

Comity- committee

constable- an officer who keeps the peace

Decon- deacon, the minister’s helper

doth- does

due proportion- enough

Ens- ensign (a military rank)

ensuing- next

fence viewers- men who inspect fences to see if they need repair

Howards, hawards- Hayward, someone who locks up stray animals in the pound and guards the hedges to keep animals from eating or breaking them

Jno- Jonathan

levie- to set a tax level or collect tax money

moderater, moderator- one who is in charge of a meeting

packer- possibly one who uses pack animals to move goods, or someone concerned with barrels of meat or fish.

percell- parcel, piece

Rosen- rosin, sap from pine trees used to make varnish and soap, used to put a finish on paper, and used on violin bows and in soldering (process of attaching 2 pieces of metal together using a mixture containing lead and other ingredients)

Sallery, salary- salary, pay

sd- said

sealer of weights and measures- person who checks the weights and measures and guarantees that they are accurate

Select man- selectman, an elected member of a group that runs a town

Serg, serj, serjunt, serjant- sergeant

Serveighers of ye hieways- surveyors of highways, men who make sure that the roads are in good condition

Townsmen- same as selectmen

Tho- Thomas

Titheing men, tithing men- men who collect taxes to support the church

Ware- were

Warrant- a document giving authority to do something

wt- that

ya- they

ye- the

ym- them

yt- that

3d- third

12d- 12 pence