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Lesson 4 - Readings for Studying the Falls Fight
Excerpts from

The History of Philip's War
by Thomas Church, 1829

Philip with a great company of his people had taken a stand at the fall in Connecticut river for the convenience of getting a supply of fish, after the destruction of their provisions [supplies] at the great swamp fight in Narraganset. Some prisoners deserted and brought news to Hadley, Hatfield and Northampton of the Indians' situation at the falls. On the 18 May, 160 men under Capt. Turner arrived near their quarters at day break. The enemy were in their wigwams asleep, and without guards. The English rushed upon them and fired as they rose from sleep, which so terrified them that they f led in every direction; crying out "Mohawks! Mohawks!" Some ran into the river, some took canoes, and in their flight forgot the paddles, and were precipitated [thrown headfirst] down the dreadful fall and dashed in pieces. The enemy is supposed to have lost 300. The English having finished the work, began a retreat; but the Indians, on recovering from their terror fell upon their rear, killed Capt. Turner and 99 of his men.


Thomas Church, Esq--(1673-1748), son of Col. Benjamin Church (1639-1717), led five attacks on Acadia and helped build Fort William Henry on the Maine frontier.


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