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Lesson 4 - Readings for Studying the Bloody Brook Massacre
Excerpts from

Soldiers in King Philip's War
by George M. Bodge, 1906

Upon September 18th Capt. Lathrop with his company was sent to convoy [escort] teams bringing loads of grain from Deerfield to Hadley. A strong ambuscade [hiding place for attackers] was made at a place known since as "Bloody Brook," and there the Indians encompassed [surrounded] and massacred nearly the whole company, some eighty, including the teamsters. Only eight or ten escaped. The number killed was between sixty and seventy. Capt. Mosley came hastily from Deerfield upon hearing the shots, and engaged the great company of several hundreds of Indians, charging in amongst them with intrepid [brave] fury which drove them headlong before him into the woods and swamps.


George Madison Bodge, A.M--(1841-1914), a reverend from East Boston, MA, was a member of the New England Historical Genealogical Society and chaplain for the Massachusetts Society of Colonial Wars (a hereditary society).


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