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Lesson 7 - Readings for the Nims Family

Nims Family

From Family and Landscape, Amelia Miller & Susan McGowan, 1996, pg.129

Godfrey Nims purchased his houselot from Benjamin Barrett in 1692.

"On June 27, 1692, Godfrey Nims had married his second wife, Mehitable...and they moved into the house...

...on January 4, 1694 the house of Godfrey Nims burned. Nims's stepson, Jeremiah Hull, having been put to bed, 'was burnt to death' in a fire accidentally started by ten-year-old Henry Nims. Henry went 'into the chamber [bedroom] with a light and by accident fired some flax or towe...the chamber was all in a flame, and before other help came sd [the said] Jeremiah was past recovery.'

Godfrey Nims did not rebuild on the burned site, but purchased the unimproved Lot 28 to the north..."

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