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Lesson 7 - Readings for the Nims Family

John Nims

From The History of Deerfield, Vol. I, George Sheldon, 1895, Pgs. 351 & 352

Soon after John Sheldon left Canada for home in 1705, four young men, disappointed at not being allowed to return with him, made their escape and reached home about June 8th. Their names were Thomas Baker, John Nims, Martin Kellogg and Joseph Petty. They had no arms [guns], but probably a small stock of provisions [food], and reached our frontier more dead than alive from hunger and fatigue [tiredness]...Their appearance when brought in was such as to melt the stoutest heart...Broth [thin soup], in small quantities, was given at first, and by slow degrees more substantial food, until they were filled. It was a long time before their cravings were satisfied.

...One day when the fugitives [the escaped captives] seemed at the last extremity [were desperate], they discovered and killed a great white owl. This was instantly torn in pieces, which were laid in four piles, and fairly divided,...Each took his share, and hardly waiting to pull off the feathers, tore the tough fragments [pieces] with their teeth...'John Nims always insisted that a wing which fell to him was the sweetest morsel [piece] he ever tasted.'

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