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Lesson 7 - Readings for the Nims Family

Josiah Rising

From New England Captives Carried to Canada, Emma L. Coleman, 1925, pgs. 107 & 108

"Rising, Josiah (Ignace Raizenne).
Josiah Rising, son of John of Suffield and Sarah (Hale) of Windsor, was born 2 Feb., 1694.

He was staying with his father's cousin, Mehuman Hindell, with whom he was carried away. Hinsdell lived just across the road from Godfrey Nims and Josiah must have known the little Abigail. They were taken to the same Mission and the priests looked after him in his wigwam as the nuns cared for the little girl. The Indians, in their solemn ceremony of adoption, named him 'Shontakak8ani,' which means...(he has taken away his village).

As Ignace Raizenne we found him...Ignace, like Elizabeth, refused to be ransomed [rescued]...,the priests soon after obtained their freedom from their Indian masters...Then on 'July 29 1715 I have married Ignace Shoentak8anni and Elizabeth T8atag8ach, both English, who wish to remain with the Christian Indians...Ignace Shoentak8anni aged about 23 or 24 years and Elizabeth about 15 years. Both were take at Dierfile [Deerfield], about 13 years ago

M. Quere, priest S.S."

John Rising (Josiah's father) died in 1719. Before that he had promised his son, Josiah, 5 pounds if he would return to Massachusetts.

Children of Josiah Rising and Abigail Nims
Marie Madeleine, born 1716
Simon, 1719
Anastasie ( 4th child )
Marie, 1735
J.B. Jerome, 1740

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