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Lesson 7 - Readings for the Sheldon Family

John Sheldon

From The History of Deerfield, Vol. II, George Sheldon, 1895, pgs. 294 & 295

John, s.[son] of John, b.[born] 1681; when the attack was made upon the old Indian House in 1704, the enemy was so intent upon cutting through the front door, that John and his young wife jumped from the east chamber [bedroom] window unobserved; she was disabled by a sprained ankle; neither could have known the real condition of affairs, but Hannah urged her husband to fly to Hatfield and give the alarm; he was barefooted but he protected his feet as he ran over the snow by tearing up a blanket and tying the strips around them. [Family tradition] Hannah was taken, and 'Mr. Adams,' a captive then in Can.,[Canada], writes that he was greatly surprised that she escaped death on the march, 'knowing how lame she was;' she was redeemed [rescued] by Ensign [a military rank] John, her father-in-law, in 1705; John d.[died] June 26, 1713;...He m.[married] Dec. 3, 1703, Hannah, the plucky dau.[daughter] of Japhet Chapin; she m. (2) [married 2nd husband] Nov. 26, 1719, Lieut.[lieutenant] Timothy Childs; she d.[died] Sept. 30, 1765m a,[age] 85.

Ch.: John, [born] Apr. 12, 1706, in Spfd. [Springfield]: d. [died] June 28, 1706
Hannah, [born] Oct. 1, 1707; m. [married] Nov. 4, 1729, Rev. [reverend/ minister] Sam'l [Samuel] Allis of Somers, Ct
John, [born] Aug. 9, 1710
Charles, [born] May 5, 1713

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