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Lesson 7 - Readings for the Sheldon Family

Remembrance Sheldon

From The History of Deerfield, Vol. II, George Sheldon, 1895, pg. 295

Remembrance, s.[son] of John, b.[born] 1693; cap.[captured] 1704; came home with his father in 1706 and went with him to Hart.[Hartford]. He m.[married] Feb. 19, 1719, Hannah Drake of Wind.[Windsor].

Ch.: Elisha, [born] 1720
Jerusha, [born] 1722; m.[married] Nath'l[Nathaniel] Bissell;(2) [2nd husband] Lieut.[lieutenant] Sam'l[Samuel] Filer
Epaphras, [born] 1726;…m.[married] Eunice Allyn
Remembrance, [born] 1728(?); m.[married] Sarah Egleston

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