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Lesson 7 - Readings for the Stebbins Family

Thankful Stebbins

From New England Captives Carried to Canada, Vol. I, Emma L. Coleman, 1925, pgs. 125 & 126


She was twelve years old when captured and was probably bought from her Indian master, at Chambly, by some member of the Hertel family...As Therese Stebens she asks for citizenship [asks to become a citizen of Canada] in 1706.
'Feb. 4, 1711...married in of Boucherville, Adrien grain,...inhabitant of [lived in] chambly, aged 23 years,...with therese louyse Stebens, aged 21 years

Thankful's children:
Francoise Therese, born March 1713
Guillaume, born Dec. 28, 1714
Marie-Jeanne, born in 1716
Charlotte, September 1719
Isabelle, baptized Jan. 3, 1722
Antoine, born 1723
Marie Therese, born Feb. 2, 1725
Veronique, born July 4, 1729

Close by Chambly fort, surrounded by a high picket fence, is the ancient burying ground...[in it is a wooden grave marker which says]

Therese Steben

[this is probably the grave of Thankful]

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