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Lesson 7 - Readings for the Williams Family

Esther Williams

From New England Captives Carried to Canada, Vol. II, Emma L. Coleman, 1925, pg. 51

Esther, b.[born] April, 1691.

She, like Samuel, was 'pitied' on the journey and ransomed [bought] from the Indians through the kindness of the governor; after which 'she was carefully tended [taken care of] in the hospital until she was well of her lameness and by the governor provided for with respect, during her stay in the country.'

She was the first of her family to be redeemed [returned for money], leaving Montreal with John Sheldon early in May, 1705, and coming by way of Albany [NY]. In 1715 she married the Rev. [reverend- minister] Joseph Meacham of Coventry, Connecticut.

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