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Lesson 7 - Readings for the Williams Family

Samuel Williams

From New England Captives Carried to Canada, Vol. II, Emma L. Coleman, 1925, pgs. 49-51

Samuel, b.[born] January, 1690

Samuel was kept by the Indians until his father reached Montreal; the 'a merchant [storekeeper] of the city obtained [got] him.'...The little boy was told that he had not really been bought from the Indians, and that if he did not accept this new religion he would be given back to them. He was sent to school to learn to read and write French and was taught by Father Meriel. He said that 'the school-master sometimes flattered him with promises, if he would cross himself [make the sign of the cross]; then threatened him if he would not...

From The Redeemed Captive, John Williams, 1706, pg. 59

'The priests would spend whole days in urging him [to become Catholic]...But when he [the priest] saw flattering promises of rewards, and threatenings, were ineffectual [didn't work], he struck him with a stick he had in his hand; and when he saw that would not do, he made him get down on his knees about an hour, and then came and bid [made] him make the sign of the cross, and that without any delay. He still refused. The he gave him a couple of strokes with a whip he had in his hand,-- which whip had three branches, and about twelve great knobs tied to it,-- and again bid [made] him make the sign of the cross;...and so, through cowardice and fear of the whip, he made the sign...

They told my child, if he would stay he should have an honourable pension [would receive good pay] from the king every year, and that his master, who was an old man, and the richest in Canada, would give him a great deal; telling him if he returned [to Deerfield] he would be poor, for (said they) your father is poor has lost all his estate, it was all burnt; but he would not be prevailed with [forced] to stay.' [from the writings of John Williams]

Samuel came back with his father and served later as a lieutenant. In 1712, 'because he hath [has] the Frentch tongue [he can speak French], he is sent to Canada as one of an escort [guard] for some French prisoners.
'On the evening of June 30th 1713' he died.

From The Redeemed Captive Returning to Zion, John Williams, 1706, pg. 22

"My son Samuel and my eldest daughter were pitied so as to be drawn on sleighs when unable to travel; and though they suffered very much through scarcity [lack] of food and tedious [tiresome] journeys, they were carried through to Montreal..."

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