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Lesson 7 - Readings for the Williams Family

Warham Williams

From The History of Deerfield, Vol. II, George Sheldon, 1895, pg. 380

Warham, s. [son] of John, b. [born] 1699; cap. [captured] 1704; when redeemed [rescued] he had lost the English tongue, but spoke French fluently;...minister at Waltham, June 11, 1723; d. [died] in office, June 22, 1751. He m. [married] May 23, 1728, Abigail Leonard of Newton; she d. [died] Sept. 18, 1789, a. [age] 86.

Ch.: John, [born] Mar. 21, 1729; d. [died] Mar. 24, 1729
Abigail, [born] Mar. 21, 1730
Anna, [born] May 24, 1732
Eunice, [born] 1733
Sarah, [born] Sept. 20, 1737
Leonard, [born] July 30, 1739
Samuel, [born] Apr. 23, 1743

From New England Captives Carried to Canada, Vol. II, Emma L. Coleman, 1925, pgs. 63 & 64

Warham, b. [born] September, 1699.

'My youngest child was redeemed [rescued] by a gentlewoman in the city, as the Indians passed by. After the Indians had been at their fort, and discoursed [talked] with the priests they came back and offered to the gentlewoman a man for the child, alleging [saying] that the child could not be profitable [useful] to her, but the man would, for he was a weaver...but God overruled [over ruled] so far, that the temptation to the woman prevailed not [she was not tempted]...for had the child gone to the Indian fort in an ordinary way it had abode there still [he would still be there], as the other children now do.'

When Warham returned with his father he had forgotten how to speak English. He became the minister of Watertown, married Abigail Leonard, and died in 1751.

It is said that a silver cup taken from their Deerfield home came into the possession of Eunice in Canada, and she, in 1732, gave it to Warham..."

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