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Lesson 8
Frame Notes by Herbert S. Streeter. (Thomas Edison Co.)
Ononko's Vow- A Colonial Tale

Title Numbers
1- A visit to Deerfield, Massachusetts.
2- Mr. George Sheldon, the venerable historian of Deerfield. The tale he told.
3- Ungagook, a friendly Narragansett and his son Ononko, see Lothrop and his men escorting the ox-teams to Hadley.
4- Hostile Indians.
5- An ambuscade.
6- The Bloody Brook Massacre- September 18th, 1675. Ungagook saves Jonathan Smith and is mortally wounded.
7- Ononko promises his dying father to be faithful to the Smiths.
8- Twenty-eight years later. Jonathan Smith bestows his daughter's hand on Ebenezer Dow.
9- Next day, February 29th, 1704. Preparing to attack Deerfield.
10- Advancing from Pine Hill toward the stockade.
11- A house in the stockade. The last refuge.
12- Ebenezer Dow volunteers to go for help.
13- Ruth Smith is made captive.
14- Ononko, now grown to manhood, a member of the relieving party, seeks his friend, Jonathan Smith.
15- Ononko promises to rescue Ruth.
16- Ruth resents menial work.
17- The right of an Indian Chief. "I am Ononko. Take me and set the white maiden free."
18- The torture interrupted.
19- At the edge of the settlement. Ononko's chivalry.

July 29th, 1910.

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