Questions About Paper Dolls and Action Figures
Lesson 8


1. What are you looking at?

2. What time period does this toy portray? How can you tell?

3. Do you think these are accurate portrayals for the time period represented? Why or why not?

4. Are the Native Americans portrayed differently from the White people? Explain. Is it a fair portrayal? Explain.

5. Is there a side of the 1704 story that these toys don't tell? Explain.

6. What do you like about each of these toys? What don't you like?

7. What do you think the manufacturers of these toys thought you would like about them?

8. Why do you think the manufacturers produced them? Why do you think they chose the 1704 story as their theme? What messages or lessons do you think the manufacturers were trying to give to you?

9. Did the manufacturers portray and tell the 1704 story accurately as you understand it based on what you have learned in this unit? What changes would you make?

10. What advice or suggestions for improvement would you give to the manufacturers?