Learning to Look - Worksheet
(please print this worksheet)

1. Answer these questions, as much as possible, by examining the object:


a) What is the texture of the surface of the object, smooth or rough?


b) Note any important or interesting features such as sharp edges, points, bumps, holes, etc.


c) Do you think the object has been damaged in any way? If so, what might have damaged it?


d) Do you think the object was used on its own or with another tool? Do you think there are missing parts? What shape might they have been?


e) What do you think the object might have been used for?


f) Who might have used it, a man, woman, or child? Why do you say that?


g) Do you see any sign of its use on the object itself?



2. Compare your answers to these questions with your partner's. Together, write a museum label describing this object and its possible use.





3. The "search hint" button on your screen will give you a hint so that you can find this object in the Digital Collection. Once you have read the museum label provided in the Digital Collection, compare it to your own. Do they differ? If so, how and why?





4. Write down your reaction to the museum label of the object found in the Digital Collection. What use might you have learned from touching the object?