In the Name of God Amen I Ebenezr Wells
of Deerfield in New England gentleman colling
to minde my own mortality also considering my
advanced age not knowing how soon I may be
called to put off this my Earthly tabernacle and at
present of sound mind and memory do make and
ordain this my last will and testament this twenty
third day of may one thousand seven hundred and
fifty seven
First I give my soul to God who gave it me and
my body to the dust to be buried in decent Christian
burial at the discretion of my Executors humbly
hoping thro the merits of my Redemer to obtain a
glorious resurrection to immortal life
after my just debts and funeral charges are paid
By my Executors I Give and Dispose of my Estate in
the following manner
Imprim I give and bequeath to Abigail my beloved wife my best
Bed with all the furniture there to belonging
viz my best bed Quilt three bed blankets and a good
sute of curtains also all my Linenin in the house
whether wroug or unwrought and also all my puter of
any sort also all my books and also my largest
Brass kettle and my two best Chests besides what I
here after mention and I also give and Bequeath unto
my said wife one half of all my personal Estate of what sort
or kinde so Ever to hir and hir heirs for Ever
and also the use and improvement of one half of all
my Real Estate with all the buildings and Edifices
there on during hir the said abigails natural life

I give to the Church of Christ in Deerfield
A good Silver tankard to be provided by my
Executors out of the remaining part of my Estate

Item I give and Bequeath unto my Nephew Eben Wells
of Greenfield all my Land that lie within the
District of Sd Greenfield to him and his heirs forever
and I likewise give unto him the said Eben
Sixty Six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence
To be paid him within ten years from the time of my
decease in the following manner viz six pounds
thirteen Shillings and four pence purannum,
annualy untill the whol Sum of Sixty Six pounds
thirteen Shillings and Four pence is paid


Title: Ebenezer Wells (1691-1758) will, page 1(transcription)

Creator: Ebenezer Wells

Date: 1757