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Worksheet: Deerfield Cemetery
(Roams Among the Stones--No Moans!)

To answer the following questions, work individually or in small groups, and be efficient, careful, and creative.

1. Look at ten stones from images on the website. What is the earliest date of death you can find?
(Maybe you should jot down the dates you find somewhere on this sheet, then select the oldest.)


2. What is the most recent date of death you can find?


3. Find two graves with both headstones and footstones. Give the names and dates of death of the people:



4. Find the grave of a child.

a. How old was s/he at death?

b. Can you find any other children's graves with the same year of death? If so, give the name:


c. The death rate for children in the 1700s and 1800s was higher than it is now. List some reasons why this might be so.





5. Find the graves of a husband and wife. List their names and dates of death below:




List any observations about the shape or size of those two stones:


What words are used to describe the wife?


What words are used to describe the husband?


6. List at least five odd first names on gravestones -- that is -- ones that are not commonly used today:


7. Draw at least three different symbols found on headstones in this burying ground. Use a blank sheet of paper for this. Underneath each symbol, write a sentence or two about what you think the symbol represents.