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Instructions for Using the
"Reading and Analyzing Background Information Using Primary and Secondary Sources" Worksheet

Divide the primary and secondary source materials in your packet among your research team members. Each person should have a few documents to read.

Read your primary and secondary sources carefully.
Use the information in the sources to answer as many of the questions below as you can.

For each answer, be sure to make a note of the source(s) in which you found the information (or clues to the answer).

Share the answers and information you discovered with members of your team.

Compile everyone's answers on one clean copy of the worksheet. Include what you learned from your cemetery research (check your "Cemetery Research Organizers").

Use other sources (reference books, text books, web sites, etc.) to answer questions that the documents don't cover.

Talk about what you learned about the research subject, and see if you can answer any more questions.


NOTE: You may not be able to answer all of the questions!