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Vocabulary Sheet
(for assistance in translating primary documents)

Ae - short for the Latin word "aetatis" meaning in the year of their age
Aforesaid - What has been said, or, the person who was mentioned previously
Cubberd or cubert - cupboard
Do (with the "o" raised) - ditto, the same as before
Erroneous - Wrong
Fortnight - two weeks
Inappetency - Lack of appetite
Lanthorne - lantern
Looking glass - mirror
Physic - This word could mean medicine (as in the study of medicine), or it could refer to a specific medical treatment.
Presents - the people who are present
Purge - A common medical treatment in the period. Medicine was given to cause a person to vomit or have diarrhea. This was thought to rid the body of the causes of the illness.
Relict - widow
Viz - namely
Wm - Abbreviation for William
Ym - Them (with the "m" raised). Often, you can translate the "y" in abbreviations to mean "th." For example, yt = that, ye = the