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Project Rubric

The object of the rubric is to help students to understand what they must accomplish during the study. Each element will be scored. The rubric will provide the teacher with an objective measure to assign a grade.

Key Elements Expectations

1. Individual


investigates the individual:

  • tells when and where the person was born and died
  • tells other pertinent information about the person (such as humorous family incidents, interests)

2. Kinship


investigates ties of kinship, including marriage and children, and considers the importance of relatives in this person's life.

3. Role

_____ pts.

investigates the person's vocation or profession, and other special talents or achievements.

4. Status

_____ pts.

considers the social and economic status of this person in the community.

5. Everyday Life

_____ pts.

uses evidence to investigate and describe what everyday life was like for this person.

6. Deerfield

_____ pts.

uses evidence from this person's life to describe what Deerfield was like at the time.

7. Visual Aids

_____ pts.

Visual aids are attractive and well organized.

8. Presentation


The group prepares a well organized oral presentation of their project. All sources must be cited (after the reference or by bibliography at the end of the paper). Student deportment is excellent. Student voices are clear and strong.

9. Group Work


The group successfully shares the work of producing the project.