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Highlights : Military : Colonial Wars / Deerfield 1704

Subcategory Colonial Wars / Deerfield 1704 contains 16 item(s).

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front "Old Indian House"
post 1847
This daguerreotype of the Ensign John Sheldon House (1699), familiarly known as the Old Indian House in Deerfield, Massachusetts, was taken in 1848, shortly before it was torn down.
front "Bloody Brook Monument"
This 20th century photographic image of the "Bloody Brook Monument" in South Deerfield, Massachusetts, was taken by Frances and Mary Allen of Deerfield, Massachusetts.
front Flintlock long fowler
Many militia during the American Revolution (1775-1783) carried a fowler, a light sporting gun used for hunting small game such as birds and rabbits.
front Prisoner Halter
This Kanien'kehaka (Mohawk) prisoner halter was found after the 1746 Bars Fight in Deerfield, Massachusetts.
front "Old Indian House" Door
This fortified door is not only a rare surviving example of a 17th century door but also has come to symbolize the conflict between Deerfield, Massachusetts' early settlers and the French and Native Americans.
front John Sheldon (1658-1733) Snowshoes
c. 1700
John Sheldon probably wore these snowshoes when he journeyed to Canada to negotiate the release of his children and other captives taken in a French and Indian raid on Deerfield, Massachusetts in 1704.
Cover "A Biographical Memoir of the Rev. John Williams"
Dr. Stephen West Williams (1790-1855) of Deerfield, Massachusetts, focused largely on his ancestor's ordeal and captivity when he wrote this biography of the Reverend John Williams (1664-1729) in 1837.
Page 6 Pastoral Letter excerpted from "Good Fetch'd Out of Evil"
In the hands of ministers like Cotton Mather, the spiritual and physical hardships of New Englanders captured by Indians became powerful testimonials of religious faith in the face of extreme adversity and persecution.
Title page "True Stories of New England Captives"
Charlotte Alice Baker researched and chronicled the experiences of Eunice Williams, a child taken captive in the French and Indian attack on Deerfield in 1704.
Cover "A Sermon Preach'd at the Funeral of the Reverend Mr. John Williams"
Jun 12, 1729
This typically lengthy sermon by the Reverend Isaac Chauncey repeatedly praised the Reverend John Williams' personal piety and sterling ministerial qualities despite personal tragedy and affliction.


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