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Highlights : Military : Revolutionary War

Subcategory Revolutionary War contains 12 item(s).

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document List of Soldiers
Sep 23, 1777
This duty roster recorded when, where and for how long the men of the Deerfield, Massachusetts, militia served in the early years of the American Revolution.
Page 6 Clothing Allotment from Deerfield to Soldiers
The residents of Deerfield, Massachusetts, pledged to supply shoes, shirts and breeches for Deerfield militiamen in 1778.
document Supplies for Troops
Jan 1, 1782
The new State governments were virtually bankrupt by 1782, and the paper currency they issued had lost so much of its value that Thomas Dickinson insisted on being paid in "hard" gold or silver money for the beef he supplied to the town of Deerfield, Massachusetts, in 1781.
document Boston Tea Party Report

When the news of Boston's 'tea party' reached Deerfield, Massachusetts, the discord between local Whigs who supported the dumping of the tea and local Tories who opposed the action grew even greater.
front Bullet pouch
Often pouches like this one were taken to war by militia and by riflemen rather than the cartridge boxes that were more familiar by the time of the American Revolution.
front Sword
In their eagerness to find and preserve items of Revolutionary War significance, collectors sometimes included objects of a later date like this saber.
front Brown Bess flintlock musket
The Brown Bess musket was the standard issue weapon for English troops during the American Revolution.
front Tricorn Hat
c. 1775
Civilians as well as military men wore tricorn hats like this one owned by Colonel Joseph Stebbins Jr. (1749-1816) of Deerfield, Massachusetts, during the American Revolution (1775-1783).
front Long-handled frying pan
c. 1775
Made of wrought iron by a blacksmith, this frying pan has a history of use in the Revolutionary army.
front Sword
This sword belonged to William Dorrell, a British soldier in the Revolutionary War, who later settled in Leyden, Massachusetts.


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