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Massachusetts Woman Suffrage Association


April 20, 1909.

My dear Mr. Sheldon:-

The National Woman Suffrage Association is preparing a petition to Congress asking for a sixteenth amendment allowing women to vote. This is the first time for twenty years that any attempt at organized national work has been made. The success of this petition will do much to influence both public and the press as to the strength of the movement for woman suffrage in the United States

. We are therefore anxious to obtain as many signatures as possible to the petition. Will you not interest yourself to fill the enclosed petition? Will you not also ask your friends to take petitions to have filled? If you will let us know how many petitions you can use, we should be glad to send them to you at once.

Will you kindly return the petitions not later than June 1st, whether filled or unfilled, to the above address? We enclose instructions sent out by the National. Trusting that you will lend your aid to the cause, I am

Very truly yours,
Mabelle L. Moses
Chairman Petition Committee.

(c) Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield MA. All rights reserved.
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There is currently no available "Beginner" label. The following is the default level label: When the United States Constitution was adopted in 1787, the matter of voting rights was left to the individual states. Initially, only land-owning white males enjoyed the privilege of voting in elections. In 1870, the 15th Amendment to the Constitution extended the right to vote to African Americans. The movement for women's suffrage, or the right to vote, began in 1848; a national organization seeking the vote was founded in 1890. In 1909, George Sheldon of Deerfield, Massachusetts, was solicited for his support in gathering signatures to a petition in support of women's suffrage. Women did not, however, win the right to vote until the passage of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution in 1920.


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Suffrage letter to George Sheldon

creator   Massachusetts Woman Suffrage Association
author   Mabelle L. Moses
date   Apr 20, 1909
location   Boston, Massachusetts
height   9.5"
width   8.5"
process/materials   typescript
item type   Personal Documents/Letter
accession #   #L01.072

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