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would inform the public that she has Removed from 12 Winter Street, to

43 Winter
50 Northfield Street, Boston,

where she will attend to all Diseases of the Hair.

She is sure to cure in nine cases out of ten, as she has made the Hair her study for many years, and there is therefore none to excel her in producing a new growth of Hair.

Her Restorative differs from that on any one else, being made from the Roots and Herbs of the forest.

She Champoos with a Bark which does not grow in this country, and which is highly beneficial to the Hair before using the Restorative, and will certainly prevent the Hair from turning grey.

She has also a Restorative for Restoring Grey Hair to its Natural Color in nearly all cases, being particularly successful in Restoring Light Hair, heretofore considered almost impossible. These Restoratives are used in every city in this country, her customers taking large quantities abroad with them, being unable to get anything like them in Europe. Her present Rooms are the most convenient and pleasant for Ladies to be found in the business.

Hours from 9 A.M. until 6 P.M.

50 Northfield Street, Boston.
43 Winter Street



Rev. Mrs. Vinton,

Mrs. Vinton,

Miss Whitney.


Mrs. Fisher

Mrs. E. Slater,


Miss Salisbury,

Mrs. Roach,

Mrs. Hartstone.


Mrs. Austin,

Mrs. E. Motley,


Mrs. Burnside,

Miss Gardner,

Mrs. Thomas.


Mrs. Campbell,

Mrs. Boit,


Mrs. Angier,

Miss Lincoln,

Misses Jeffries,


Miss Angier,

Mrs. Bullock,

Mrs. Gray

Mrs. H. Anthony,

Miss Roach,

Mrs. Paine,

Mrs. Fisk

Mrs. Dunn,

Misses Forbes,

Misses Kinnicut.

(c) Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield MA. All rights reserved.
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This advertisement for the hair restorative services of Madame Bannister may have informed and intrigued readers by its use of imagery. A drawing of what appears to be an Indian maiden would have conveyed a sense of unspoiled health and vitality to prospective customers. The advertisement's reference to "roots and herbs of the forest" would have also resonated with consumers who believed in the ability of herbs and plants to heal and promote wellbeing. Madame Bannister's name suggested foreign sophistication, and her use of a shampoo made from a bark "which does not grow in this country," to cleanse the hair hinted at the exotic.


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"Improvement In Champooing And Hair Dyeing"

creator   Madame Carteaux Bannister
date   c. 1860
location   Boston, Massachusetts
height   8.0"
width   5.25"
process/materials   printed paper, ink with manuscript
item type   Public Announcements/Advertisement
accession #   #L01.074

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