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Company F
34th Regt. Massachusetts Infty. Vols.

Privates. Remarks. Company Officers.   Privates. Remarks.
ALLEN, JAMES M.-Transferred to Invalid Corps July 2, '63 Charles W. Elwell Wounded at Berryville, Sept. 3, 1864. Captain. REMMINGTON, CHARLES M.- Discharged March 27, '63
AMIDON, JOHN R.- Discharged May 21, '63 Charles G. Blake 1st Lieut. REMMINGTON, JAMES T.- Discharged Oct. 16, '62
BROWN, MARTIN O.- Wounded June 5, '64 Harlan P. Houghton 2d Lieut. RANNEY, RALPH H.--Wounded at Lynchburg, June 18, '64 also Oct. 13, '64
BURNHAM, CHARLES K.-Wounded May 15, '64 Captain Charles L. Chandler- Promoted to Lieut. Colonel, 57th Mass., March 17, 1864.   RICHARDS, PETER
BURNHAM, GEORGE A.- Killed Sept. 19, '64 Thomas W. Ripley Promoted to 1st Lieut. Co. D, Sept. 25, 1863. 2d. Lieut. RENIFF, LUCIUS.- Transferred to Invalid Corps, Feb. 15, '64
BRADLEY, WILLIAM H.- Discharged April 21, '63 William F. Belser Wounded at Winchester, Sept, Sept. 19, 1864; promoted to 1st Lieut. Co. I, Spet., 26, 1864. 2d. Lieut. SELEY, WILLIAM H.- Discharged May 11, '63
BAKER, PETER L.- Wounded Oct 13, '64     SULLIVAN, JERRY
BLANCHARD, CHANDLER H.- Wounded June 5, '64, also Oct. 13, '64. Discharged Dec. 16, '64.     TOBEY, EDWIN L.-Appointed Corp'l March 1, 1864; wounded May 15, also Sept. 22, 1864.
BENT, JOHN E. Sergeants.   TAYLOR, THOMAS A.--Wounded May 15, 1864; wounded and captured Oct. 13, 1864.
CORLISS, MICHAEL     TIFFANY, SALEM J.- Wounded and captured May 15, 1864
CHURCH, ALPHONZO- Wounded and captured May 15, '64 1--Henry T. Hall--Promoted to 2d Lieut. Co. B, Oct. 25, 1862   TULLY, JOHN--Discharged Nov. 24, 1862
CHURCH, ROSWELL L.- Appointed Corporal, Aug. 30, '63; Sergeant May 1, '64; wounded May 15, '64. 2--Charles G. Blake--Appointed 1st Serg., Oct. 25, 1862 Sergt.- Major, April 28, 1864.   TURNER, HORATIO E.--Wounded and taken prisoner, May 15, 1864
CHAPIN, NORRIS E.- Wounded Oct. 13, '64 3--John L. Hawks--Discharged Aug. 24, 1863   WHEELOCK, E.W.--Appointed Corporal, Nov. 16, 1864
CARSON, FRANKLIN W.- Discharged Nov. 17, '64 4--Charles Stowell--Wounded at Winchester, Sept. 19, 1864   WHITTAKER, CHARLES E.--Wounded May 15, 1864
CALLIGAN, ROBERT- Discharged Oct. 10, '63, sentence G.C.M. 5--Foster Meekins   WILLIAMS, EROS. B.--Discharged Feb. 16, 1864
EDDY, LAFAYETTE- Wounded June, 5 '64; captured Oct. 19, '64     WARD, GEORGE--Appointed Corporal Feb. 1, 1864; wounded Jan. 5, '64
ELY, PETER- Appointed Corporal Dec. 9, '64     WHITNEY, EBENEZER E.--Wounded May 15, 1864
ESTEE, LYSANDER- May 15, '64 Corporals.   WILSON, CHARLES--Died July 14, 1863
FITZGERALD, JOHN- Killed by falling from cars at Relay House, Md., July 10,'63     WARREN, THOMAS B.
FRINK, SUMNER-Wounded June 5, '64 1--John Buchanan--Wounded May 15, 1864; wounded and captured June 5, 1864.   WILLIAMS, MARTIN V.--Discharged Jan. 3, 1863.
FULLER, EDWARD M.- Appointed Corporal Feb. 1, '63; pro. to Captain U.S. C. T., March 26, '64. 2--Leonard Wright--Discharged   WALSH, HORACE W.--Appointed Corporal Feb. 1, 1863; wounded May 15, 1864; appoined Sergt. Dec. 17, 1864
GLEASON, ABIJAH W. - Trans. to Invalid Corps Sept. 1, '63. 3--Frederick W. Hayden--Appointed Sergt., Oct. 25, 1862; woun ded Oct. 13; died Nov. 8, 1864.   WRIGHT, CHARLES H.--Transferred to Invalid Corps. Feb. 15, 1864
GLEASON, ADONIRAM J.- Died July 28, '63. 4--Joseph M. Chase--Appointed Bugler, Sept. 1, 1862   WATERMAN, SAMUEL S.--Appointed May 1, 1864; killed May 15, '64
GREEN, JOSEPH B. 5--Walter Dunbar   Recruits.
GALIVAN, PATRICK 6--Herert B. Rowley--Appointed Sergt., Aug. 30, 1863; 1st Sergt., April 28, 1864; promoted to 2d Lieut. Co. B, Dec. 9, 1864.   ASHTON, SAMUEL
HALLETT, HENRY C.- Wounded June 5, '64 7--Charles S. Smith--Wounded May 15, 1864; aslo July 18, 1864   BOTSFORD, CHAS. J.--Discharged Oct. 26, 1863
HITCHCOCK, IRA N.- Wounded May 15, '64 8--Franklin Allen--Reduced to the ranks, Sept. 17, 1862; deserted Nov. 13, 1863.   BLANCHARD, EVERETT W.--Died Sept. 2, 1864
HACKETT, PETER-Discharged Oct. 10, '62     BOWERS, HENRY--Killed Sept. 19, 1864
HUBBARD, ALEXIS R.     BOWERS, HENRY J.--Wounded Sept. 22, '64; died Oct. 12, '64
HALL, SAMUEL M.--Killed June 5, '64     BOWERS, WILLIAM J.--Died Dec. 28, 1864
HELME, ALONZO--Discharged May 23, '64 >Musicians.   BURKE, JAMES
HILDRETH, WILLIAM     CASEY, PATRICK--Wounded May 15, 1864
JILLSON, DAVID Henry B Isham--Transferred to Invalid Corps. Feb. 15, 1864   COOLIDGE, HENRY S.--Wounded and captured May 15, 1864; died June 16, 1864
JILLSON, SAMUEL C.--Discharged Feb. 29, '64 George E. Plumley   COATS, ALONZO--Deserted July 30, 1864
JILLSON, LEWIS     COATS, DAVID F.--Killed July 18, 1864
JACKSON, ANDREW F.- Discharged April 24, '63     DAMON, OTIS
KENNEY, ERASTUS S.--Transferred to V.R. C., Nov. 30, '64 Wagoner.   EDDY, LUCIUS J.
KENEDY, JOHN.--Discharged May 5, '63     EBERLEINE, JOHN--Veteran; wounded July 18, 1864
MURPHY, MICHAEL--Wounded and taken prisoner, Oct. 13, 64     GORRO, MICHEL--Killed May 15, 1864
MURPHY, JOHN--Wounded Oct. 13, '64; died Oct. 19, '64     GREEN, JAMES E.
MACK, JOHN     HINES, JOHN--Killed Sept. 19, 1864
MAHONEY, DANIEL B.--Discharged Oct. 10, '62     HARRINGTON, JOHN
MARSH, CYRUS--Discharged Dec. 27, '62     LEONARD, WILLIAM--Wounded June 5, 1864
MITCHELL, GEO. E.-Discharged Jan. 22, '64     MALLETT, FELIX
NEWTON, MARCUS M.--Transferred to Invalid Corps, Feb. 15, '64     McCLELLAND, ANDY--Killed May 15, 1864
NEWTON, ALLEN--Wounded July 18, '64     O'NEIL, SAMUEL
PACKARD, FERDINAND G.--Wounded May 15, '64     POTTER, JAMES W.--Wounded May 15, 1864, also Sept. 19, 1864
PACKARD, FRANK B.--Died Sept. 15, '63     PUTNAM, NATHAN B.
PEPPER, WILLIAM H.--Appointed Corporal Feb. 1. '63; commissioned 2d Lieut. Feb. 2d, '64; commision not accepted; wounded May 15, '64; June 18, '64; Sergt. Nov. 9, '64; 1st Sergt. Dec. 9, '64.     SIEGARS, GILBERT H. TEMPLE, HENRY W.
PHIPPS, WILLIAM A.--Killed Oct. 13, '64     VEBER, ELIAS E.--Wounded and taken prisoner June 5, 1864
PARKHURST, JULIUS A.--Appointed Corp'l June 6, '64; wounded Sept. 19, '64     WOOD, LEWIS L.--Taken prisoner Oct. 19, 1864 WATERMAN, BENJAMIN D.
PHILLIPS, JOSEPH L.--appointed Corp'l Sept. 6, '62     WATERMAN, HORTON

The Regiment left Worcester, Aug. 15, 1862, and arrived at Arling- ton Heights, Va., Aug. 18. On the 24th marched to Alexandria, where the Regiment remained doing garri- son duty until May 1st, 1863, when it marched to Upton's Hill. June 2d went to Washington, D.C.; while there performed guard and provost duty, and was noted for perfection in drill, discipline, neatness, and splendid condition of men, arms, and accoutrements. July 9th went to Maryland Heights, and on the 14th crossed the Potomac in pontoon boats, and drove the enemy from Harper's Ferry, Va. Oct. 18, fought and routed twice their number of Imboden's rebel mounted infantry, near Ripon, capturing many prision- ers. In December formed part of a force of 1500 men, who, under com- mand of Col. Wells, of the 34th, ad- vanced up the Shenandoah Valley to Harrisonburg, 100 miles, to co- operate with Gen. Averill in his fa- mous raid on the Virginia and Tenn. R. R. The expedition returned to Harper's Ferry in 93 hours, without a straggler or the loss of a single man, and with over 100 prisoners. In March, 1864, went to Martins- burg, and April 29th advanced with Gen. Sigel's command up the Shen- andoah Valley. May 15th were hotly engaged in the battle of New

Mustered into the U.S. Service, July 31, 1862. By Captain Cooley, U.S.A. at Worcester, Mass

Market: June 5th fought at Pied- mont, Va., under Gen Hunter; reached Staunton the 6th, and fought at Lynchburg the 18th of June. In the retreat from that place to Kanawha Valley the men suffered greatly for want of provisions. Next fought at Island Ford, near Snicker's Gap, July 18th, with a portion of Gen. Early's army; at Winchester, July 24th, and at Martinsburg, July 25th. 26th Aug., at Halltown, at- tacked the enemy's skirmish line, drove it from its position, and cap- tured many prisoners. Were in all the actions under Sheridan in the Valley, being hotly engaged at Ber- ryville, Sept. 3d, Winchester, Sept. 19th, Fisher's Hill, Sept. 22. Next fought near Strasburg, Oct. 13th-in this engagement the Regt. suffered terribly, losing in killed & wounded 102 out of 240 men engaged. Here brave Col. G. D. Wells, com'ding the Brigade, was killed- a braver man never lived, or one that was more loved and respected by the officers and men of his command. Were engaged at Cedar Creek, Oct. 19th, where Gen. Sheridan performed one of the greatest achievements of the war, in changing a disastrous defeat into a brilliant and decisive victory. December 19th were ordered to the James, and are now attached to the Independent Div., 24th A. Corps.

(c) Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield MA. All rights reserved.
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There is currently no available "Beginner" label. The following is the default level label: This memorial poster was commissioned in the waning days of the Civil War. Listed are most, but not all, of the men who served with this company. Most of them came from Western Massachusetts, particularly from the communities around Greenfield. Posters like this represent the beginning of a torrent of commemorative items from the nation's bloodiest war, an industry that continues to this day. The printers adorned it with symbols from the army's major branches: to the left, an infantry or artilleryman is going to "obey our country's call;" to the right, a cavalryman is given a "welcome home." Above, an artillery unit shells a distant coastal fort. On the bottom part of the poster, between the unit's history, lies a large engraving of a generic battle scene.


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"Soldiers Memorial- Company F 34th Regt. Masssachusetts Infty Vols."

publisher   Baker, Walrad and Case
date   1865
location   New York
height   21.0"
width   16.0"
process/materials   printed paper, ink
item type   Public Announcements/Muster Roll
accession #   #L02.027

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