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Supplementary Sale To Be Held Later in Greenfield.

The "bizarre bazar" held at Frary house, Deerfield, Saturday, under Miss Coleman's direction was remarkably successful both from the financial and social view points. While a few people did a great deal of work, and it took a lot of active effort the last few days, the money was made without requiring a great many people to devote time for weeks, as is so often the case in getting up functions of this kind.

The proceeds to be given to the Franklin County hospital building fund will be over $800.

Miss Coleman has placed all who are interested in the hospital under obligation for her bright idea and personal effort and Miss Baker was most generous in submitting her house and grounds to all the turmoil of such an occasion. The attractiveness of Frary house no doubt had much to do with this success, as many people were glad of the chance to see the interior of this fine old mansion.

The Ball room was crowded several times for the vaudeville performance.

The kinder symphonies were done with much spirit by a company of Deerfield young people, who had the whistles, rattles, drum, flower pots, triangles, etc., that go with these frolicsome little arrangements. They were played with much snap under the direction of Mrs. Ashley.

W.S. Allen, Will Hutchins and Miss Mabel Brown had a very clever presentation of "Box and Cox," a standard old farce, whose irresistible humor is a perpetual fund of entertainment. The audience filled the room so completely that only a small space was left open for the work of the play, but the performance was very effective in spite of the lack of the usual space separating actors from audience.

The "Music critic's dream" consists of some clever imitations of the musical effects of Handel. Beethoven, Mendelessohn, Chopin, Rossini, and Wagner as applied to the air "Annie Rooney." Miss Mary Robbins playing the piano very effectively. The explanatory text was read by Miss Coleman. The music is by Edwin Asa Dix.

A mob of about 400 people made an onslaught on the provisions for the luncheon, and those that were privileged to eat in Miss Baker's dining room with its charming wood work and open timber, and big sunny windows, were fortunate indeed. Tables were also set outside on the beautiful lawn. Miss Jean Greenough had charge.

A.W. Root was the master of the market and piles of fruits, vegetables, etc. were heaped up by the generosity of the farmers of the neighborhood. A number of the young people were dressed as "market ladies" to assist. Fat pine from North Carolina and Portuguese pottery were novelties on sale.

The proprietors of Lowney's chocolates generously provided the bazar with a large number of their delicacies at a very low price, so that these were sold to advantage. The Japanese booth in charge of Mrs. F. L. Boyden assisted by Deerfield academy teachers, was provided with Japanese and flower decorations, and had a large sale of Japanese articles and tea. Miss Katherine E. Wells was Mother Goose and entertained the youngsters with unique grab bag schemes, in which every one got the money's worth. The Blue and White Society had a special exhibition, the proceeds being turned over to the hospital. Mr. Wetherald of Mulberry house gave the use of his motor car for "seeing Deerfield" rides.

A silhouette artist from Boston was a very popular feature. The Franklin County Smith Club had a table for the sale of chocolate and candy at which they were very successful. Miss Margaret Whiting had charge of the sale of books and photographs in the south front room of the house. The sale included a large number of choice articles secured by Miss Coleman, and contributed by others, such as Venetian hat pins and many beautiful necklaces, with Florentine silver spoons, lemon forks and belt buckles. Many of the young people served as venders. Miss Dorothea Robbins was a fortune teller. Second hand books and a large variety of miscellaneous articles were on sale.

The dance at the town hall in the evening was largely attended by Deerfield people.

Especial credit is due to Dr. Geo. P. Twitchell of Greenfield for much time devoted to the details of the bazar.

Very soon Miss Coleman will arrange a supplementary sale in Greenfield, at which will be found a few Venetian bead necklaces, Japanese articles, books and photographs. Many persons at the bazar overlooked the book and photo room where were shown some carbon photographs, framed and unframed, which would make pretty Christmas gifts. Mother Goose had grabs for more children then came to her door and she too will come to Greenfield. Time and place will be announced seasonably. Because the women found it inconvenient to carry the flowered hat boxes many were left over, but in the interests of the hospital, Mrs. Deal has generously bought them all.

There were delightful songs by Miss Trowbridge of Brooklyn and Miss Christiansen of Greenfield.

An all sorts and kinds of things table was in charge of Miss Titcomb and Mrs. Whiting, who was very attractive in a Central American dress loaned by Miss Miller, who helped in the costumes generally.

Miss Coleman's success in this bazar should be a reminder of the great need of a good hospital building and the duty of every town in Franklin county to help build this one.

(c) Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield MA. All rights reserved.
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label levels:

There is currently no available "Beginner" label. The following is the default level label: The 1908 "Bizarre Bazar" in Deerfield was dedicated to raising money for an addition onto the Franklin County Hospital. The Frary House, located on Deerfield's main Street, was converted into a restaurant, theater, concert hall and marketplace.


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"Proceeds of Deerfield Bazar Amounts to over $800"

publisher   Greenfield Gazette and Courier
date   Oct 3, 1908
location   Greenfield, Massachusetts
width   2.25"
height   17.0"
process/materials   printed paper, ink
item type   Periodicals/Article
accession #   #L02.049

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