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Sundry Items.

The available militia, which the government can have at short notice, is estimated at about 155,000 men, apportioned as follows:-- Maine 5000, New Hampshire 5000, Vermont 5000, Massachusetts 15,000, Rhode Island 2500, Connecticut 5000, New York 25,000, New Jersey 2000, Pennsylvania 30,000, Ohio 12,500, Michigan 10,000, Illinois 15,000, Wisconsin 5000, Iowa 5000, Minnesota 5000, Kansas 2500, Indiana 5000. This will do for a beginning, and enough more can be had to devastate all Secessia, if that should unhappily become necessary.

Gen. B. F. Butler, the Breckinridge candidate for governor at the late state election, avows his intention to stand by the administration, and openly denounces as traitors all who refuse to show their allegiance at this crisis.

Dexter F. Parker of Worcester tendered on Monday his resignation as a member of the Massachusetts legislature, and will go immediately to Washington to enlist in the ranks of the federal army, and to render service wherever required in the defense of the capital and the maintenance of the government.

The utterers of secession sentiments were treated harshly in New Haven Monday. A custom house official who expressed sympathy for the rebels was treated to a coat of tar and feathers. Jeff Davis, president of the confederacy, was hung in effigy, and a transparency near the depot ridiculed the rebellious horde who are attempting to overthrow the government.

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By the 22nd of April, 1861, when this report was published, the first blood had been shed in the Civil War. The siege of Fort Sumter, South Carolina, had been bloodless (although two men were accidentally killed when a cannon misfired at the surrender ceremony). The first men to die of hostile action were from the 6th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry on April 19th in Baltimore. The regiment was on its way to protect Washington, DC. To continue its journey, it had to detrain and march from the city's northern station to its southern station. On its way through the city an angry mob of southern sympathizers threw rocks and bricks and fired into the ranks of the troops, killing four and wounding seventeen. The troops fired back, killing 12 and wounding several more.
This report totals the men enrolled in the militia of the northern states. The militia was a venerable organization of volunteer soldiers. Although it did offer a ready force of men, their training and organization often left much to be desired. But the needs of the war would soon require much more and President Abraham Lincoln would several times resort to conscription and other methods to raise an army.


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"Sundry Items"- military figures for states

publisher   Greenfield Gazette and Courier
date   Apr 22, 1861
location   Greenfield, Massachusetts
height   4.0"
width   2.5"
process/materials   printed paper, ink
accession #   #L02.123

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