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The time is approaching, when the duty will devolve upon the People of this Commonwealth, of selecting the individuals into whose hands they will commit the high trusts of the Executive and Legislative Departments of their Government for the coming year. It is ardently to be hoped, that this duty will be so discharged as to sustain the honor and promote the great interests of the Commonwealth; and it is hardly necessary to add, that this desire can be realized only by maintaining a firm adherence to Whig principles and Whig policy---those principles and that policy, which have their origin in the Constitution, and have almost uniformly distinguished the administration of the Government, of Massachusetts. A large majority of the legal voters of the Commonwealth ever have been, and still are, attached to those principles, and when they vote at all, vote to uphold them. But the fact that this Whig majority is known to exist, tends oftentimes to beget, in those who compose that majority, a feeling of apathy and false security highly dangerous to the continuance of our party ascendancy. This is emphatically the case at the present moment. Having come out from the excited political contest of the last year, crowned with a victory almost unexampled in its decisiveness and brilliancy, it is difficult to bring the mind to believe, that danger is so soon to be apprehended from our vanquished foe. Yet that danger is imminent and threatening. The Locos taking courage from a supposed disaffection in our ranks, and emboldened by a temporary advantage gained in one or two of our sister States, have adopted, and are acting upon, a system of party organization and discipline, well calculated to bring out their whole strength at the polls, and they already boast, with seeming confidence, that they will revolutionize the Old Bay State, and again place Marcus Morton in the Gubernatorial Chair.

The Whig State Central Committee, deeply impressed with a sense of the urgent necessity of meeting the Locos upon the same ground, of opposing organization to organization, vigilance to vigilance, and activity to activity, have adopted the following plan of organization and action, and they earnestly call upon all, whose duty it is to co-operate with them, to render their assistance in carrying this plan into immediate operation.

1st. The Chairmen of the several County Committees are requested to take immediate measures for the appointment of efficient County Committees in their respective Counties, if such are not already appointed, and report their names and places of residence to the Secretary of the State Central Committee; and it is expected that these several Committees will meet at once for organization and action.

2d. It is the duty of each County Committee to cause Town Committees, consisting of as many persons as the size of the town requires, to be appointed in each town, which Town Committees shall forthwith proceed to organize their several towns into districts, under Sub-Committees if required; and the Town Committees shall forthwith appoint one of their number as Secretary, whose duty is shall be to conduct the correspondence of the Committee, to keep the Chairman of the County Committees informed of all matters of interest which occur in the towns, and to reply to all inquiries which may be addressed to them by direction of the County Committees:-- the Town Committees shall also procure copies of the list of voters in their respective towns, which lists shall be by them fully revised and corrected, and a check or mark placed against the name of each voter, designating his politics, whether Whig or Loco.

3d. The Town Committee shall, as far as practicable, by discreet measures, ascertain the political views of those considered doubtful, and for which party they will cast their votes. And abstracts from the lists, so marked, and all the facts they may otherwise obtain, shall be placed in the hands of the Chairman of each County Committee, with all practicable despatch.

(c) Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield MA. All rights reserved.
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There is currently no available "Beginner" label. The following is the default level label: This document contains various strategies for getting Whig voters to the polls in the 1841 Massachusetts election. The secretary of the Whig Central Committee urges committee members at the local level to remain active and to not become complacent after the resounding win by William Henry Harrison in November 1840. He feels the Locos (the Locofocos were a wing of the Democratic Party) have the plans and the organization to ensure that they get all their voters to the polls and itemizes ways for the Whig Party to do the same.


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Voting Circular from the Whig State Central Committee

printer   Commonwealth of Massachusetts
creator   J. P. Healy
publisher   Whig State Central Committee
date   Sep 30, 1841
location   Boston, Massachusetts
height   9.75"
width   7.5"
process/materials   printed paper, ink with manuscript
item type   Legal Documents/Government/Society Records
accession #   #L04.127

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