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State of Massachusetts-Bay.


October 8, 1779.

RESOLVED, That the Selectmen or Committee of each town and plantation
in this State, be, and they hereby are required to render under oath, a full ac-
count of all supplies furnished before the 15th of October instant (whereof
an account is not already exhibited) and also of all bounties and gratuities given,
whether by the town or plantation, or any individual, to every solider and family of
a soldier, raised as part of this State's proportion of the Continental army for three
years or during the war; the account of supplies to be in form agreeable to a schedule
directed by this Court, on the 8th of June last, and the time of delivering every arti-
cle of supply as well as of every sum of money is to be carefully noted, and the town
for which every soldier is particularly doing service, if known; and the Selectmen and
Committees aforesaid are hereby required to cause the above account to be lodged in
the Secretary's Office by the several days herein respectively assigned them, viz. The
Selectmen or Committees in the counties of Suffolk, Essex, Middlesex, Plymouth and
Bristol, on or before the first day of November next; the Selectmen or Committees
in the counties of Barnstable, Worcester, Hampshire and York, on or before the fifth
day of November next; the Selectmen or Committees in the counties of Berkshire,
and Lincoln, on or before the tenth day of November next : And the
Selectmen and Committees aforesaid are directed to exhibit an account of the expences
incurred in the performance of this service, to proceed in supplying the families of
the said soldiers, agreeable to the directions of former resolves of this Court made for
this purpose, under the penalties therein provided.

And whereas a strict Obedience of this Resolve, in order to a speedy settlement with
the army, is of great consequence to the community:

RESOLVED, That if the Selectmen or Committee of any town or plantation
in this State, who have had the charge of supplying the families of the soldiers
aforesaid, shall neglect a punctual compliance with this Requisition:--The Selectmen
or Committee so neglecting, shall individually forfeit to the use of this State, one
hundred pounds
; for the recovery whereof, the Treasurer of this State is hereby
impowered and directed to issue his execution, upon each Selectman or Member of a
Committee so neglecting, upon receiving notice of such neglect from the Secretary.

Sent up for concurrence.
IN COUNCIL, October 8, 1779.

READ and concurred.
JOHN AVERY, D. Secr'y.
Consented to by the major part of the Council.
TRUE Copy, Attest. JOHN AVERY, D. Secr'y.

(c) Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield MA. All rights reserved.
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This 1779 notice requires the Selectmen or Committee of each town in Massachusetts, to submit an account of all supplies given, as well as any bounties, to any soldier or his family who was mustered as a member of the state's part of the Continental Army. This accounting was to cover the previous three years of the war. If the accounting was not turned in on time, the Selectmen or Committee would each be fined one hundred pounds by the state.


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Resolve by the State of Massachusetts-Bay requring all towns to supply a record of reimbursements made to soldiers & families

publisher   Commonwealth of Massachusetts
creator   John Hancock (1737-1793)
creator   John Avery
date   Oct 8, 1779
location   Boston, Massachusetts
height   13.0"
width   8.5"
process/materials   printed paper, ink
item type   Legal Documents/Government/Society Records
accession #   #L04.140

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