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Republican Plurality of Over 4,500, Double That of 1892.

Every Town Republican—All Republican Members of the Legislature—Biennials Favored by a Good Majority.

Franklin county arose to the occasion and more than doubled her strongest Republican plurality. She left nothing to be taken for granted, but contributed grandly to the safe and sound national and State cause. To what extent? McKinley carried every town and every voting precinct in the county. His vote was nearly six to one for Bryan. The exact plurality, 4594. McKinley, 5679, Bryan, 1085.

On the Governor vote the plurality fell a little below 4000. Gov. Wolcott fell behind McKinley 672 votes and Geo. Fred Williams actually ran ahead of Bryan, although but 54 votes. This showed that the Franklin voters were moved by the principle involved in the great national contest and not, by the personal choice between Wolcott and Williams, although that choice was expressed by double the ordinary Republicans plurality. The combined vote for Republican congressional candidates in the towns belonging to the first and second districts was 4920; Democratic, 1198; a Republican margin of 3722.

Greenfield gave a Republican plurality of 590, casting more votes for McKinley than any other town in the county. Orange gave McKinley 935 votes, a plurality of 822. In Montague the Democratic vote dwindles to 260, and 607 votes were given McKinley, a margin of 447. Monroe gave only one vote for Bryan, 51 for McKinley. Heath struck the 16 to 1 ration, her vote being 84 to 5.

There was a total absence of local contests. Some scattering votes for Seymour Rockwell, who was not on the ballot, were the only dissent from Joseph B. Farley’s almost unanimous election to the senate. The representatives elected are all survivals of last year. Packard of Conway had no opponent and won by 1355 votes. Parsons of Greenfield had a plurality of 610 over his Democratic opponent. Mayo of Montague failed to carry Whately and the South Deerfield precinct, but had a margin of 310, in the district. Harding of Orange carried all his towns and had 1002 plurality.

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This article from the Greenfield, Massachusetts, "Gazette and Courier" reports favorably on the Republican victory in the 1896 election. Franklin County voted nearly six to one for McKinley over Bryan and voted in the Republican candidates for governor and congress as well. The writer of the article is pleased that the county voted overwelmingly Republican. William McKinley won the 1896 election by a very large margin over William Jennings Bryant.


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Franklin Does Her Share article published in Greenfield Gazette and Mercury newspaper

publisher   Greenfield Gazette and Mercury
date   Nov 7, 1896
location   Greenfield, Massachusetts
height   7.0"
width   2.0"
process/materials   printed paper, ink
item type   Periodicals/Newspaper
accession #   #L04.147

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