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Tremont Street,...Boston, and its certain evils; illustrated in three groups, the last a
ALWAYS OPEN DAY AND EVENING. correct picture of a
THIS MUSEUM is The largest, most valuable, and best Wife Murdered by her Husband.
arranged in the United States. It comprises no less than Also groups of a School,-a Milliner's Shop,-A Shoemaker's
SEVEN DIFFERENT MUSEUMS, Shop,-a Barber's Shop,- a Blacksmith's Shop, &c., as well
to which has been added the present year, besides the constant as a variety of single figures of distinguished men, &c. with
daily accumulation of articles, One Half of the celebrated upwards? of
PEALE'S PHILADELPHIA MUSEUM, One Hundred of Cabinet Size,
swelling the already immense collection to upwards of rendering it the largest collection of Wax Figures in America
HALF A MILLION ARTICLES, The entire of the above, and the immense collection of
the greatest amount of objects of interest to be found together BIRDS, BEASTS, FISH, INSECTS & REPTILES.
at any one place in America; and an entirely derived? from all parts of the world, together with innumera-
NEW HALL OF WAX STATUARY, ble varities of Natural and Artificial Curiosities.
ONE HUNDRED FEET in length, filled to its utmost capacity Paintings, Engravings and Statuary,
with WAX FIGURES of the size of life, singly and in groups, OIL PORTRAITS
to the number of upwards of TWO HUNDRED, which of the GREAT and GOOD of all nations.- Naval and
have been in preparation for the last two years by a corps of Military Heroes, Patriots, Statesmen, and Divines;- Rare
the most distinguished artists to be found in either the old Coins and Medals;- Shells, Corals, and Fossils:
counttry or the new, and are so NATURAL and LIFELIKE EGYPTIAN MUMMIES,
as to and ancient Sarcophagi, 5000 Year old; and an entire
Mock Reality, Family of Peruvian Mummies;
and lead the beholder to doubt whether the figure do no actu- the DUCK-BILLED PLATYPUS, the connecting link
ally live and breathe. Among the most prominent will be found between the BIRD and BEAST, being evidently half each;-
the celebrated Tableaux of the curious half-sish, half-human
with his Twelve Disciples; representing the consternation and which was exhibited in most of the principle cities of
dismay of the chosen ones at the moment when he told them America, in the years 1840, '41, and '42, to the wonder and
that ONE OF THEM SHOULD BETRAY HIM. astonishment of thousands of naturalists and other scientific

persons, whose previous doubts of the existence of such an

returned home clothed in rags, and received by his forgiving astonishing creation were entirely removed;
father. The imposing spectacle of Elephants and Ourang-Outangs;
THE CRUCIFIXION, ANIMALS and BIRDS of every nation: Shark, Seals,
composed of more than forty figures; a correct representation and a variety of FISHES, including the curious
of that event, according to the best received authorities. SAW AND SWORD FISH,
Christ Disputing with the Doctors; all in lifelike preservation: the whole forming a School of In-
a characteristic group of seven figures. struction, blended with Amusement, that for extent and
THE GAME OF LIFE, interest is unequalled in the known world;- the whole to be
in which is show the Christian and Satan contending for the seen for the small admission fee of
THE SIAMESE TWINS, In Addition to which, and
and their beautiful American wives. WITHOUT EXTRA CHARGE,
Representation by nine figures, of the visitors are admitted to the gorgeous Exhibition Hall, which
MASSACRE BY PIRATES has been newly decorated at an expense of nearly five thousand

of the passengers of a merchantman in the India Seas.

After adescriptiopn by one of the survivors.

dollars, where they can witness the magnificant
as exemplified by seven figures, being actual likenesses of a given EVERY EVENING, and WEDNESDAY and SATUR-
slave-owner, a slave-driver, and their victims. DAY AFTERNOONS, by a Company of Comedians and
MURDER OF MISS MCCREA, an Orchestra of Musicians, admitted to be SUPERIOR to
by the Indians during the Revolutionary war; a thrilling group any ever before collected in this country, with the aid of
showing the characteristics of the Red Men. Stage and Scenic Arrangements,
  the most grand and superb ever seen in either Europe or Amer-
  ica; thus warranting the universal admission that the Boston
  Museum, besides being the most comfortable and genteel, is
  also the
  Cheapest Place of Amusement
  IN THE WORLD! A single visit will prove the truth of this
  assertion, as the admission is only
  25 Cents to the Whole!!!

(c) Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield MA. All rights reserved.
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A popular form of entertainment in the mid-19th century was going to a museum. The first large museum in the country was founded in Philadelphia by the painterCharles Wilson Peale. This advertisement for the Boston Museum proudly states that the museum is the largest and best arranged in the United States. For the low admission price of 25 cents, a person could see exotic, grand exhibits and amusements. Tableaux, single wax figures, oil paintings, natural history and even theatrical entertainments were all on display.


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Boston Museum ad from the Gazette and Courier newspaper

publisher   Greenfield Gazette and Courier
date   Nov 18, 1850
location   Greenfield, Massachusetts
width   2.75"
height   20.0"
process/materials   printed paper, ink
item type   Periodicals/Newspaper
accession #   #L05.077

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