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Immigration Restrictions Tightened To Alleviate Unemployment Situation

President Hoover Makes Announcement for State Department- Action Affects Aliens Who Might Become Public Charges

President Hoover announced today that the State department had moved to alleviate the unemployment situation by tightening the immigration restrictions upon aliens who might become public charges.

Consul generals who issue visas for immigration to the United States have been instructed to inquire more carefully into the financial status of the applicant.

The extent to which this will affect the volume of immigration to this country or its effect upon unemployment has not been estimated. The president said officials expect a sharp decrease in the number of those types who formerly have come to America and have been unable to support themselves.

Mr. Hoover said that the restrictions would not affect preferences given to relatives or aliens who already have come to this country.

In March 1929 similar restrictions in regard to Mexico were imposed, leading to a sharp decrease in the number of immigrants crossing the Mexican border. To a lesser extent these restrictions also have been applied to Canada.

Under the new plan of the state department, European ports are to be watch particularly.

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The economic collapse that began in 1929 presented an unprecedented challenge to the administration of President Hoover. Committed to essentially letting the economic cycle run its course, the administration sought to reduce unemployment by restricting the nation's labor supply. The Hoover administration targeted immigrants who would compete with United States citizens for a diminishing supply of jobs. The plan was comprised of several parts. The government sought to reduce illegal immigration across land borders. It also tightened the financial qualifications of potential immigrants to ensure that those who were permitted to immigrate would not add to the burden on the limited social services then available in the United States. The administration's plan appealed to nativist sentiments held by American citizens. These sentiments were intensified by the economic crisis.


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"Immigration Restrictions Tightened to Alleviate Unemployment Situation" article from the Greenfield Daily Recorder newspaper

publisher   Greenfield Daily Recorder
date   Sep 9, 1930
location   Greenfield, Massachusetts
width   2.5"
height   6.75"
process/materials   printed paper, ink
item type   Periodicals/Newspaper
accession #   #L06.006

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