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When Greenfield's first newspaper was printed on a creaking
hand press, America's freedom was won. But its place as the most
powerful nation on earth came later. It was due to tools- precision
tools that made mass production possible. This year, 1942, we
are again fighting to preserve that freedom- with the most amazing
tools ever created by man. In Greenfield is a firm tool-making
craftsmen fashioning the finest of threading tools, cutters, and other
precision tools for the defense industries of America and its allies.
That firm enters its fortieth year with more employes and more
equipment than ever in the history, holding high a standard of quality
that is making the name "Threadwell" famous the world over.




(c) Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield MA. All rights reserved.
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This 1942 patriotic advertisement from the Greenfield Recorder-Gazette newspaper in Greenfield, Massachusetts, seems to attribute America's place as "the most powerful nation on earth" at least partially to the Greenfield, Massachusetts Threadwell Company's precision tools that made mass production possible. During World War II (WWII), Threadwell manufactured taps and dies in great quantities. When German bombers leveled the English city of Coventry and its threading tool industries, Threadwell became the major supplier of British standard threading tools. It also made cutting tools used in rifling the Garand rifle, the .30 and .50 caliber machine guns manufactured by the Springfield Armory. Threadwell was the third largest employer in Greenfield during WWII with nearly 400 employees.


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"Threadwell The Greenfield Plant That Is Making History In The Precision Tool Field!" ad from Greenfield Recorder-Gazette

publisher   Greenfield Recorder-Gazette
date   Feb 23, 1943
location   Greenfield, Massachusetts
width   6.25"
height   10.25"
process/materials   printed paper, ink
item type   Periodicals/Newspaper
accession #   #L06.023

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