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Police, Protesters Clash


University authorities in Wisconsin and California have moved against student leaders of antiwar and antidraft protests after demonstrators in Madison and Oakland clashed with police.

In Washington sources said the Army may use paratroopers to augment the Pentagon's civilian guard force in preventing disruption or worse in a planned massive antiwar demonstration Saturday.

The extent of troop use would depend largely on any agreement on ground rules reached beforehand by demonstration leaders and government authorities. Officials would prefer to keep troops out if possible, it was said.

University of Wisconsin officials moved to oust leaders of a campus antiwar sit-in Wednesday which was broken up by riot-trained Madison city police. At least 65 persons were injured in the melee.

Demonstrators vowed to continue the struggle and discussed classroom strikes as a possible retaliatory measure. They were supported by several hundred sympathetic faculty members.

In New York, a group coordinating events across the country this weekend in support of American troops in Vietnam said it has received hundreds of inquiries as a result of the anti-war demonstrations.

Charles W. Wiley, executive director of the National Committee for Responsible Patriotism, said most of the callers condemned the "disrespect for law and order" and asked what they could do to counter the antiwar pickets.

Wiley said he refers the callers to "patriotic committees in their areas" of the country.

The demonstrators were protesting the presence of representatives of the Dow Chemical Co., manufacturer of napalm for the war in Vietnam, on campus to interview job applicants.

Chancellor William H. Sewell said Wednesday night he would suspend, at least temporarily, further interviews "to guard the safety of our campus."

Sewell also said the university would prefer charges against leaders of the campus demonstration and suspend them from school, referring their cases to the student conduct committee.

On the West Coast, Arleigh Williams, dean of students at the University of California's Berkeley campus, said his office was charging at least 20 students with violating university rules in the on-campus antiwar rallies.

Antidraft demonstrators continued their protest at the be-(unfinished in the newspaper)

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There is currently no available "Beginner" label. The following is the default level label: In the fall of 1967 University campuses across the country became important centers of protest against the Vietnam War. This associated press article appearing in the Greenfield Recorder refers to demonstrations in California, Wisconsin and Washington. When the principal supplier of Napalm to the United States military, the Dow Chemical Company, sought future employees at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, students occupied a building in protest of military and corporate recruiting on campus. The University of Wisconsin chancellor ordered local police to clear demonstrators from the building. This led to violent encounters with student protesters and mass arrests. Sixty-five people were injured during the confrontation. Similar incidents occurred at the Berkley campus of the University of California. The author points out that these protests drew forth strong responses on both sides. The National Committee for Responsible Patriotism claimed to have "received hundreds of inquiries as a result of the anti-war demonstrations." It was the general belief of these callers that the anti-war protesters showed "disrespect for law and order."


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"Police, Protesters Clash" article from The Greenfield Recorder newspaper

publisher   Greenfield Recorder
date   Oct 19, 1967
location   Greenfield, Massachusetts
height   5.0"
width   4.75"
process/materials   printed paper, ink
item type   Periodicals/Newspaper
accession #   #L06.040

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