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Federal Grants Pour Into Towns For WPA Plans

Farm-to-Market Roads ALong Get $189,000- Projects Vary Widely

Federal allotments amounting to nearly $189,000 covering farm to market road construction for six towns of Franklin county have been received by Joseph H. Cullen, district engineer, through approved projects today. The allotments are:

Charlemont, $53,998.88, work for 98 men.
Montague, $44,903.18, work for 80 men.
Shutesbury, $23,999.67, work for 43 men.
Erving, $15,064.84, work for 27 men.
Sunderland, $15,024.84, work for 27 men.
Orange, $35,999.18, work for 55 men.
Numerous other projects were also received and were:

Sewer on Bernardston road, $16,262.75, for 29 men.
Work and repairs at town farm, $1,920.94, for 12 men.
Repairs and improvements at Beacon Field, $1,227.75, for 11 men.
Cleaning and painting school buildings, $7,495.77, for 10 men.
Improvements at swimming pool, $3,400.20, for 10 men.
Completion filtration plant, $32,884.60, for 66 men.
Sewer work on Chapman, Pierce and Davis streets, $14,083 for 28 men.
Improvement of Laurel street, $11,779, for 26 men.
Storm sewers Chapman and Garfield streets, $19,318, for 35 men.
Maple Brook storm sewer, $18,093.80, for 28 men.
Rocky Mountain road improvements, $13,183.60, for 26 men.

Widening and regarding Prospect street, $1,127.75, for 16 men.
Guard rail work, $1,327, for 13 men.

Removal of trolley tracks, $10,617, for 52 men.
Water hole construction, $782.90, for 12 men.
Church street highway work, $1,704, for 23 men.
Grading pumping plant grounds, $4,989.50, for 23 men.

Fire station construction, $14,903.70, work for 26 men.
Cutting wood for welfare use, $2,888, for 13 men.

Wendell, repairs to town hall, $450.53 for six men; trimming trees, $2,148.70, for nine men. Conway, recreational field work, $6,809.20, for 18 men; physical instructor for students, $546.50, for one person. Warwick, playground work, $1,471.25, for 12 men. Buckland, improving water supply, $3,806.20, for eight men; sewing project, $11,249, for 17 women. Leyden, school repairs, $380.60, for six men; work on Greenfield road, $2,838.90, for 10 men. Charlemont, sewing project, $3,612, for five women. Heath, widening Stetson-Sumner road, North Heath, $410.80, for eight men. Hawley, sewing project, $5,026, for eight women; work on the West Hawley road, $388, for four men. Northfield, water hole construction, $659, for 10 men. Ashfield, sewing project, $3,658, for five women; improving town hall lawn, $773.20, for seven men. Gill, work on playground, $6,074.40, for 15 men. Rowe, road work, $1,433, for seven men.

(c) Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield MA. All rights reserved.
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This Greenfield Daily Recorder-Gazette article lists local work relief projects funded by the new WPA (Works Progress Administration, 1835 ? 1941). The WPA is still the most widely remembered and admired work relief program of the New Deal era. Its bridges and roads, airports and golf courses can still be seen today. The WPA also employed artists to paint murals, actors to perform plays, and historians to interview former southern slaves. This article was written just as the WPA was replacing the older federal relief program. The goal was to replace welfare (then called "the dole") with jobs, Note in the article that jobs and workers are clearly separated by gender. All construction projects are designated for "men" while sewing projects are allocated to "women."


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"Federal Grants Pour Into Towns For WPA Plans" article from Greenfield Daily Recorder-Gazette newspaper

publisher   Greenfield Daily Recorder-Gazette
date   Nov 16, 1935
location   Greenfield, Massachusetts
height   9.75"
width   3.25"
process/materials   printed paper, ink
item type   Periodicals/Newspaper
accession #   #L08.049

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