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No. 37381
By this Policy of Insurance, and for and in consideration of Two 53/100 Dollars, and of the PREMIUM
NOTE of Eight 44/100 Dollars, by the said Company received, DO INSURE John G. Adams
of Greenfield in the County of Franklin and State of Mass. against Loss or Damage by Fire, to the amount of Six hundred & Seventyfive Dollars on the following property, as described in Application and Survey 37381, Viz..-

On his Dwelling & House
"     " House hold furniture therein
"    " Barn & Shed adjoining
"    " Hay therein

And the said Company do hereby Promise and Agree, to and with the said Insured, to make good unto him his executors, administrators and assigns, all such loss or damage, not exceeding in amount the sum Insured as shall happen by fire to the property as above specified, during the term of five years from the Twentieth day of November one thousand eight hundred and forty Eight at 12 o'clock at noon unto the Twentieth day of November one thousand eight hundred and fifety three at 12 o'clock at noon; ; the said loss or damage to be estimated according to the true or actual value of said property, at the time same shall happen; and to be paid within four months after the due notice and proof there of, made by the Insured, in conformity to the By-Laws and conditions annexed to this Policy; PROVIDED, always and it is hereby declared, That this Company shall not be liable to make good any loss or damage by fire, which may happen or take place by means of any invasion, insurrection or of any military or usurped power. AND PROVIDED FURTHER, That in case of the Insured shall have already any other Insurance against loss by fire, on the property, hereby Insured, not notified to this corporation, according to the annexed conditions, then this Insurance shall be void and of no effect. And if the said Insured, or his assigns, shall hereafter make any other Insurance on the same property, and shall not with all reasonable diligence, give notice thereof to the Secretary, and have the same endorsed on this instrument or otherwise acknowledged by the Corporation in writing, this Policy shall cease and be of no further effect. And in all cases of other Insurance upon the property hereby Insured, whether prior or subsequent to the date of this Policy, in case of loss or damage by fire, the Insured shall not be entitled to demand or recover on this Policy any greater portion of the loss or damage sustained, than the amount hereby Insured shall bear to the whole amount insured on the said property. AND IT IS FURTHER AGREED, That in case the above mentioned premises shall at any time, after the making and during the time this Policy would otherwise continue in force, be so altered, or be appropriated, applied or used, to or for the purpose of carrying on or exercising therein any trade, business or vocation, which according to the By-laws and conditions, class of hazards, or rate hereto annexed, would increase the hazard, unless it be by the consent and agreement in writing of this Corporation, added to or endorsed upon this Policy; then and from thenceforth so long as the same shall be so appropriated, applied or used, this Policy shall cease and be of no force or effect. AND IT IS ALSO AGREED, That this Insurance is not to apply or cover any books of account, written securities, deeds or other evidences of title to lands, nor to bonds, bills, notes or other evidences of debt, nor to money or bullion, nor to jewels, plate, plated ware, medals, pictures, family paintings, sculpture, statuary or musical instruments, unless the same are particularly mentioned in this Policy. AND IT IS ALSO AGREED, That this Policy is made and accepted, subject to and in reference to the terms, By-Laws and conditions hereunto annexed, which are to be used and resorted to, to explain or ascertain the rights and obligations of the parties hereto in all cases not herein otherwise provided from.

THE INTEREST OF THE INSURED IN THIS POLICY IS NOT ASSIGNABLE, unless the assignee, before any loss happens, shall give notice in writing of the assignment, in pursuance of the By-Laws of this Company, and have the same endorsed on or annexed to this Policy.

Nathan Doanell, President.

S W Perry Dep Secretary.

(c) Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield MA. All rights reserved.
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In 1784, Charlotte County, New York, was renamed to honor George Washington, the Revolutionary War general who would become the first President of the United States of America. The Washington County Mutual Insurance Company was incorporated on May 12, 1836 and was located in the town of Granville, New York. Washington, who was called "The father of his country," inspired trust. The image on this insurance policy evokes a feeling of safety and paternalism. To have your property insured by The Washington County Mutual Insurance Company meant you were safely under their wing.


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The Washington County Mutual Insurance Company broadside

creator   Washington County Mutual Insurance Company
date   Nov 20, 1853
location   New York
height   17.0"
width   11.0"
process/materials   printed paper, ink with manuscript
item type   Public Announcements/Broadside
accession #   #L10.006

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