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This institution, located at South Hadley, Mass., will probably be ready for the reception of scholars early next autumn. The time of opening the school will soon be fixed, and then public notice will be given.

The Board of Trustees, consists of the following gentlemen,- Rev. Heman Humphrey, D. D. President of Amherst College, Rev. Edward Hitchcock, Professor in Amherst College, Rev. Roswell Hawkes, (permanent agent,) Rev. Joseph D. Condit, South Hadley, Rev. Wm. Tyler, and Wm. Bowdoin, Esq., South Hadley Canal, David Choate, Esq. Essex, Dea. Andrew W. Porter, Monson, Mr. Joseph Avery, Conway, and Dea. David Safford of Boston. Miss Mary Lyon, formerly connected with the Ipswich Female Seminary, will be Principal, and Miss Eunice Caldwell, Principal of the Wheaton Female Seminary at Norton, Assistant Principal. They will be aided by other well qualified teachers.

There will be an extensive and systematic English course of study, essentially the same as that adopted in the Ipswich Female Seminary. The regular classes will be denominated Junior, Middle, and Senior. The studies of each class are designed for one year, though the pupils will be advanced from class to class, according to their progress, and not according to the time spent in the Seminary. Individuals may in some cases devote half of their time to branches not included in the regular course, (Latin for instance,) and occupy two years in completing the studies of one class.

The requisites for entering the Junior class, will be and acquaintance with the general principles of English Grammar, a good knowledge of the Geography, History of the United States, Watts on the Mind, Colburn's first Lessons, and the Whole of Adam's New Arithmetic, or what would be equivalent in written Arithmetic. It is very important that all, on entering the Seminary, should be prepared for admission to the Junior Class. In extraordinary cases, however, individuals may perhaps be received the first year, though they should be deficient in some parts of the preparatory course. It is desirable that those, who cannot continue members of the Seminary more than one or two years should in addition to the preparatory studies, advance as far as may be on the regular course, before they enter.

There will be two terms in a year of 20 weeks each or 4 quarters of 10 weeks each.

The expenses of board and tuition will be settled by fair experiment. It would be difficult now to fix any permanent price, especially considering the present fluctuating state of the market, and the Trustees will venture to pledge only for one quarter at time [sic], till they shall have had opportunity, to ascertain at what it can be placed. But as the Seminary is designed principally for the benefit of those preparing to teach, every effort will be make to reduce the expenses as low as possible, without injuring the character of the Institution. It is condently [sic] believed, that they can be placed so much below those in out best Female Seminaries, which have received no aid from the public, as shall, in this particular alone, reward all the efforts, which have been made in behalf of the Institution.

The Trustees have, however, for the first quarter, decided to place board exclusive of fuel and lights, at $13, and tuition at $3, making the regular bill of board and tuition for the quarter of ten weeks, $16. The bills are to be paid in advance, and no deduction will be made for a short absence at the commencement, or close, or in any part of the quarter. In case of protracted absence, the board can be paid by the week, and not by the quarter. In case of protracted absence, the board can be paid by the week, and not by the quarter, though the charge will be higher in proportion, probably about the usual price of board elsewhere.

A prospectus of the Seminary will be forwarded to any, who may apply for it to the Secretary, or to Dea. Safford, No. 3, Beacon St. Boston, or to Prof. Hitchcock, Amherst. Applications for admission into the Seminary may be made to Miss Mary Lyon, directed before the first of July to the care of Dea. Daniel Safford, Boston, and after that time to South Hadley, Mass. It may be necessary to delay the answer a short time, but a decisive reply may be expected in every case, within six weeks after the application is received, and perhaps sooner, if it is particularly requested by the applicant.

The propriety as well as justice, of paying postage on all letters of inquiry and application, will be readily perceived.

In behalf of the Trustees,
J. D. CONDIT, Secretary.
South Hadley, Mass, May 1, 1837

(c) Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield MA. All rights reserved.
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Mt. Holyoke College was originally "Mt. Holyoke Female Seminary", with the primary goal of educating young women to be teachers. This newspaper article describes the setup of the school year, the course of study, and the tuition.


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Mount Holyoke Female Seminary article from Hampshire Gazette newspaper

publisher   Hampshire Gazette
date   Aug 10, 1837
location   Northampton, Massachusetts
width   1.75"
height   10.25"
process/materials   printed paper, ink
item type   Periodicals/Newspaper
accession #   #L11.002

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