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Alaram List


X Jona Ashley Junr

in April 1775 8/

X Eldad Bardwell

in April 1775 6/

X Thos Bardwell Junr

a tour in Do 2 weeks


a tour in Decr 1775 2 months

X Joseph Stebbins

Draughted & paid fine

X Joseph Barnard

½ of a man in July 1776 10 Dollars


a tour - in Decr - Do

XX Seth Catlin


X Daniel Arms

Draughted & paid fine, a tour in December


1776- 2 months

X John Williams


X David Hoit

in April 1775 - 8/


in July 1776 - 32/

X Capt Jos Stebbins

a tour in Aprill 1775 - 8 months

X Jona Hoit Junr

in July 1776, 40/ & in April 1775 8/

X Simeon Stebbins

a tour in Decr 1776

X Oliver Field

in April 1775 4/


½ of a man July 1776

X Majr Barnard

a tour in Decr 1776

X Jeremiah Nims

a tour in Do Do

X David Sexton

¼ man in Do Do

X Gad C Fox

a tour in July 1776

X Colº Field

a tour in Do Do

X Majr Dickinson

a tour in April 1775 3 Weeks


a tour in Decr 1776 and 11 Dollars in

Janr 1776

X John Sheldon

in July 1776 24/

X Timo Catlin

a tour in April 1775 8 months

(c) Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield MA. All rights reserved.
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The "minutemen" of the American Revolution were supposed to be ready to march where needed at a moment's notice. Serving for periods as short as two weeks or as long as several months, these citizen soldiers were not part of the Continental Army. This "Alarm List" for Deerfield, Massachusetts, recorded which of these militiamen responded to various calls by the state government. It also recorded how long they served and how much they were paid.


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Military Roster (Alarm List)

creator   Isaac Parker (1749-1805)
date   1777
location   Deerfield, Massachusetts
height   12.25"
width   7.5"
process/materials   manuscript, paper, ink
item type   Public Announcements/Muster Roll
accession #   #L99.085

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