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John Bull

John Amsden

Moses Nims




Jonas Locke

Wm Arms

Wd Sarah Childs


John Taylor

Colo Field


Eliphalet Dickenson


Samel Dwelley

Elijah Arms

Dr Wright Wife


John Sheldon


Thomas W. Dickenson


Thomas Faxton

Levi Newton

Wd Roda Childs


Joseph Stebbins


Doctr Ashley


Moses Chandler


Capt Frary


Thomas Bardwell


Justin Bull


Mrs Ashley


Wd Harbart


Wd Arms


Charissa Ashley


Edward Jiner


Wd Rusell


Phineas Munn


John Hinsdel

Edward Jiner Junr

Samel Childs

Majr Barnard


Joseph Mitchell

Nathan Catlen


Simeon Burt

Wd Mun

Samel Childs

Eldad Bardwell


Noah Wright

Joshua Scot


Ebenr Burt

Wd Ball

Aaron Arms

David Hoit


Samel Barnard

Asa Hawks


Nathan Frary Junr

Wd Saxton


Wd Williams


Jeremiah Nims

Adonijah Taylor


Mrs Norton


Wido Abigail Nims


Bridget Burt

Theodore Gilbert


John Newton


John Ball


Jona Hawks

Azariah Cooley

Majr Barnard


Eliakin Arms

John Anderson


Seth Arms

Amos Alexander

Jona Furbush

Samel Barnard


Abner Mitchel

Frances Mun


Ruben Childs

John Clap Junr

Carmi Wright

John Williams


John Sheldon Junr

Nathan Robins


Jehiel Jones


Enoch Jewit

Doctr Barnard


Amzi Childs

Wm Jiner


Ebenr Stebbens

Jonth Isaford

Samel Eucstus

Wd Tirza Ashley


Luther Chapin


Samel Baleon

Remembrance Grady


Joseph Sanderson


Jehiel Jones Junr

George Cook

Joseph Smead


Solomon Newton


David Kimdall

James Login

John Heaton


Ebenezr Mackeny


Wm Prentise

John Hill


Aaron Prat


Samel Smith

Wm Holt

Consider Mitchel

John Lock


Justen Hitchcock

Westwood Wright


Abner Smith

Jon Shattuck

Jono Arms Junr

Phinehas Arms


Ithamar Burte

Seth Nims


Rufus Smith


Elihu Smead

Elihu Arms


Oliver Shattuck

David Saxton Junr


Joel Wheler

Wm Williams

Elenr Barnard

Ariel Nims


Timothy Frary

Wm Bull


Stephen Williams

Samel Hawks


Wm Tryon


Moses Nims Junr

Solomon Williams


Aaron Bardwell

Elded Bardwell Ju


Elisath Arms


Wd Tyler


John Harris


Aaron Marsh


Hilkiah Hawks


Zur Hawks

Abner Cooley


Consider Dickenson

Mr Trobridge

Ebenr Wells

Joseph Barnard

David Saxton Eqr


Jono Hoite

Seth Hawks

Wm Anderson

John Catlin

Davis Butler

David Hoit Jr

Joseph Stebbins Junr

Seth Catlin


Zadock Hawks

Moses Stebbins

Zebdiah Graves


Elisha Nims

Joseph Clesson

Dr Arms Wife

John Bardswell


Thomas Arms

Paul Hawks

Elihu Merrill

Amasa Smith

Jona Hoit Jr


Room for


Wd Wells

Caleb Allen

Eber Allis

Obed Hawks

Samel Harding


a ministerís


Eunic Allen


John Clap

Gideon Dickinson




Mathew Clesson


Clement Hoit


Obed Hawks


Elijah Smith

(c) Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield MA. All rights reserved.
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Where a family sat in the meetinghouse was a measure of the importance of the male head of the household. The town itself decided upon the rank of each pew and a committee decided where the people sat. Age was of top importance in the 1600s, but wealth, military titles, and holding town office became important in the eighteenth century. Seating in the meetinghouse was sometimes the cause of arguments. This chart shows the seating of the Meeting House in Deerfield, Massachusetts, shortly after the American Revolution. Men and women were no longer separated and families sat together. Box pews with doors had replaced the older backless benches. These little box-like spaces were warmer and more family-centered worship spaces. Many churches began selling or renting pews to church members in this period.


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Seating of the Meeting House

creator   Committee to Seat the Meeting House
date   Jan 7, 1788
location   Deerfield, Massachusetts
height   12.0"
width   15.0"
process/materials   manuscript, paper, ink
item type   Public Announcements/Roster
accession #   #L99.111

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