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In favor of the home lot route

Against the route through the street.


1. Straight line to (Wapping).

1. Sharp turns, and dangerous


curve under railway arch.

2. No excavations or filling

2&3. Costs more to build the road.

3. Less cost to lay track.

4 Grant through the street,

4 Necessary track way at foot of

loaded with conditions.

home lots in many cases given.


5 Obviates all turns, especially that

5 Liable to accident, & cause great

under the arch, already dangerous.

costs, at sharp turn under arch.

6 Shorter time.

6 Longer time in running.

7 Less power

7 More power required

8 Greater speed

8 Less speed possible.

9 No concessions

9 Valuable concessions must be

10 Tracks kept clear of snow at

made for use of street. Such

less cost No obligations as

just granted in Brookline at great

to condition of Deerfield Street.

cost to road.


10. People will expect shops in front


of every house.

11. Only 6 stops to the mile.

11 Most beautiful street in N.E.

12. Beauty of the historic town


preserved, gratitude and

12 Famous trees ruined, turf destroyed

good will of all citizens and

grassy banks cut away and

property holders.

general disfigurement by this

13. Photographers and artists can still

and by unsightly trolley poles

find subjects

and overhead wires much


worse than telegraph poles against


which citizens have always protested


13. Danger to children, and to teams


and inconvenience to householders


in the matter of hitching teams


in front of their houses.


14. Quiet of the village, which has


been the chief attracton, ruined


by the bumping and whizzing of


car and jingle of bells. and

(c) Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield MA. All rights reserved.
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Deerfield, Massachusetts, citizens were not against the trolley itself, but argued over the route it should take - down the town's history-laden main street or alongside the existing railroad tracks to the west. Emma Lewis Coleman, who lived in Boston and Deerfield, drew up this list that included thirteen reasons in favor of the main street "home-lot route" and seventeen against. She was convinced that if the trolley came down Deerfield's main street the result would be "the most beautiful street in N.E. [New England] ruined." The track was eventually laid down the main street and opened in December 1901.


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Reasons in Favor or Against the Trolley Route in Deerfield

creator   Emma Lewis Coleman (1853-1942)
date   c. 1900
location   Deerfield, Massachusetts
height   9.25"
width   8.0"
process/materials   manuscript, paper, ink
item type   Public Announcements/Roster
accession #   #L99.118

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