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Memo April 26th 1823

Planted 4 bed of Marrow fat Peas, west
then 2 beds early Chesterfield D.o , then 2 D0
early Vermont Do east
Planted blue Potatoes south side of
the Garden
29th Planted 5th & 6th beds west of the Aspar-
agus with white Onion Seed.
2 next west with Carrot Parsnips
May 2nd Bed north side of the Garden
Sowed 4 rows west good Early frame purple Radish
next white Cabbage Lettuce
next 4 rows of Early frame Salmon Radish
next Imperial Cabbage Lettuce
next 4 rows short top Scarlet Radish
next Cress called Peppergrass
next 4 rows London scarlet Radish
next Peppergrass
next 4 rows white Turnip Radish
Sowed Tennis Ball Lettuce, south
of the Leeks
May 15th planted 3 rows Lazy Beans
north of the Pole Beens
Planted Pole Beans, 20 peck?, east
Arlington, next 20 white Pole
next 20 Goose Bean, next 20 white
Cranberry, next 20 thousand for one.
16th Sowed 2nd bed west of the Aspara-
gus, with Carrots
3rd D.o red Beets, west bed blood
Beets--south end of the next
bed Sage, then Parsley--the
remainder of the bed Sweet Marjoram
Planted south of the Currants
first six hills, east early Cucum-
ber, next 12 long Cucumbers--
next 12 Cantaloupe--next 6
Water melon seed from Virginia
next 12 Water melon, next 6
Watermelon from S Hadley, next 18
musk Melon----2 hills of Mandrakes
from South Hadley west of Summer Squash
Fox Glove west of the small Rose on
the north border--
Savoy Cabbage south end of the bed
west of the Asparagus-next 5 rows red
Cabbage next 5 turnip Cabbage, next 5 Clary

(c) Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield MA. All rights reserved.
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By the time this list of garden plants was written by Dr. William Stoddard Williams in 1823, he was 61 years old and his interest in and knowledge about plants were well-known locally. He was a talented scientist as well as a respected doctor who used his plant knowledge in his work. By the 1820s many types of seeds could be bought in nearby Greenfield, Massachusetts. Dr. Williams's garden was not typical in that it was both larger and had more different types of plants than most other gardens. It was, however, made for family needs and was carefully planned and laid out in beds.


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List of plants in the garden of William Stoddard Williams

creator   William Stoddard Williams, M.D. (1762-1829)
date   Apr 26, 1823
location   Deerfield, Massachusetts
height   12.0"
width   3.5"
process/materials   manuscript, paper, ink
item type   Personal Documents/Journal
accession #   #L00.006

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